Till I Die Review: Megan Fox Is Alive!

Wow, I haven’t seen her for a long time. megan fox🇧🇷 After an explosive start to her career (literally, as she was so attached to Michael Bay at that time), the girl who left nerds in love at the beginning of the 21st century is gone. Looking at her filmography on IMDB, it doesn’t seem like she’s been that inactive. But I don’t think I’ve seen her at the movies since. That Cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie🇧🇷 Because she’s back, and so am I. This is our review Until death🇧🇷


Until death It has the kind of premise that I really like. It’s one of those claustrophobic horror movies where the victim is trapped in a limited space with no possibility of calling for help. It all starts with Fox Megania and her unhappy marriage. But it’s the couple’s anniversary, so they go to celebrate, in an isolated house where they spent very happy moments in the past.

After a very naughty night, they go to sleep. The next day, the girl wakes up handcuffed to her husband. “What kind of joke is this?” she asks. He responds curtly, and shoots himself in the head. Ixe, papaya!

Criticism Until Death, Until Death, Megan Fox, PlayArte, Delphi
Ixe, papaya!

Okay, it’s a tense situation, but I’ve seen horror movies with scarier premises. From there, the feature does that tour what anyone would do in that situation. She tries to call the police, but the house is out of phones. She tries to get the car to drive to civilization, but her husband has drained all the gas. He also disappeared with all the sharp objects. And she discovers all this by dragging the ham around.


It is often said that “cinema is time on screen”. And my main criticism of Until death it’s his use of time. We have a short film here, which doesn’t even reach 90 minutes. And even then, there’s too much curl.

This kind of story in particular has to start with the foot in the door. But Until death slowly presents the case of the protagonist and her unhappy marriage, for the shot itself to only happen around 30 minutes of projection. It’s a long time toSuper Cine” before getting to the good part.

Criticism Until Death, Until Death, Megan Fox, PlayArte, Delphi

And the good part doesn’t start with the shot. Yes, it was essential to show that the girl tried to take the car or call the police, but that stretches too far. I would say that Until death it only starts even when other people show up in the house. Then it becomes a much more tense and interesting game of cat and mouse, reminiscent of even the great panic room🇧🇷


My criticism could go along the lines of the film spending too much time on what doesn’t matter, and then having little time for the good part. But this is not exactly the case here. The “good part” lasts as long as it should. in no time Until death goes through their situations way too fast. It’s actually the opposite. There’s simply no script here for 90 minutes of attention-grabbing tension.

Here we have a short feature that perhaps should have been content with being a long short. And hence my review of Until death not using the screen time well. I wouldn’t even say that Until death it’s especially bad. Is not. But it’s the kind of movie I recommend only watching at home, and only if you don’t have anything better to watch. It’s a “subscription service” film more than anything else.

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