video card market registers the lowest sales of the last decade

According to data from the market consulting company Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the third quarter of 2022 was the worst in graphics card sales in the last 10 years. Reflection of a radical change in the pattern of global consumption, as well as the meltdown of the cryptocurrency market, driven by the update The Merge from altcoin Ethereumwhich promoted the transition from the consensus mechanism proof of work (PoW) for proof of stake (PoS), making it impossible to mine via the computational power of video cards.

Data that contradicts the outlook for the third quarter, which is usually the high point in sales for GPU vendors.

In the third quarter of 2022, shipments of GPUs, an essential chip for any video card to appear on the market, amounted to 75.5 million units, down 10.5% compared to the previous quarter. Analyzing in a year-on-year perspective, the drop was 25.1%.

JPR also observes a reduction of 15.43% in the shipment of GPUs for desktops and 30% for options shipped in notebooks, a scenario that represents the biggest drop since 2009. Among the three major players in this market, NVIDIA, AMD and Intel, the report shows the following:

  • NVIDIA: -1.87% in its market share;
  • AMD: -8.5% in its market share;
  • Intel: +10.3% in its market share.

🇧🇷All the companies gave diverse and sometimes similar reasons for the slowdown: the cryptocurrency mining shutdown, China’s zero-tolerance rules and ongoing shutdowns, US sanctions, the plight of users after the Covid surge.”, explains JPR.

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JPR also shared data on the CPU market. During the previous quarter, 66 million processors were shipped, down 5.7% from Q2 and -18.6% from Q3 2021.

Sales should continue to fall in the fourth quarter, points to Jon Peddie Research.

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