Xaviera de Mar do Sertão, actress reveals inspiration in Disney film

Giovanna Cordeiro plays Xaviera in Mar do Sertão, on Globo. The actress revealed that she had an unusual inspiration to act in the plot of Mário Teixeira. The artist declared that she was inspired by Angelina Jolie, in Malevola, to make a mockery for Candoca (Isadora Cruz).

“Sometimes I bring memes, which they allow me to post. I see that the web also buys this idea. And then when I was reading the text I remembered, and as she is mocking and at that moment she was realizing that José was bringing Candoca closer, I made a little mockery of speaking English, but my reference was actually Maleficent , which has this ‘well, well, well’”, detailed the Globo contractor in conversation with gshow.

The actress stated that it was a plan to act as a comedic character. “That’s what I wanted, a popular character, who could be comical, but also with scenes that show a greater dramaturgy. She has a tougher life, and she tells it a few times. It’s funny, life keeps putting her in situations, and many perrengues, so far we’ve seen some, but there are still many ahead”, said Xaviera de Mar do Sertão.

“And people identified, because she doesn’t defend any morals, but at the same time she’s a good person, but with a dark past, so, we can say, but she also did it out of necessity. It’s a human character, who has both the light and dark side, of everyone, and because she wanders through a more comic side, and because I’m in all the cores, all the scenarios, she gives a nice turn to the history”, said Giovanna Cordeiro.

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