Youtuber Pilhado causes confusion after cursing Lula in Doha

The Bolsonarist youtuber Thiago Asmar, from the Pilhado channel, caused confusion at the Movimento Verde e Amarelo crowd party, the biggest organized in support of the national team, hours before the debut in the World Cup, against Serbia, in Doha.

The report of UOL witnessed the conversation. Thiago Asmar recorded videos calling president-elect Lula a thief and also participated in moments when a minority supported Jair Bolsonaro, defeated in the elections, with shouts of “myth”.

However, at a certain point, a man went to complain to the youtuber: “Here is not the place for that”, and went to discuss talking close to Thiago Asmar, who countered: “I’ll say whatever I want”.

Both kept repeating these phrases for a few seconds, arguing more harshly. Others supported the fan’s initiative, while some appeared to separate and propose: “Let’s curse both of them and f…”

Tempers were less heated when a fan told Asmar that it was time to root for Brazil and not talk about politics. Afterwards, Asmar posted a video of the moment on his social networks and commented: “I fought for Bolsonaro and for Brazil in Qatar! Nobody tells me what I can or cannot do or say!”

Despite the demonstration, only a minority supported the cries in support of the defeated president at the party in Doha. Most Brazilians wanted to celebrate and sing to support the team, which takes the field at 4 pm.

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