10 kg rabbit acts like a dog and becomes famous in the Netherlands

A 2.5-year-old Flemish giant rabbit named Guus, who weighs 22 kilos, gained fame in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. According to his tutor, Danielle, he draws attention not only for his size, but for curiously acting like a dog.

The YouTube channel “We Love Animals” shared a video of the giant rabbit, showing that he likes to walk around the block on a leash, loves to chase cats, will come to the door when he’s ready to go out and doesn’t particularly like the food that others rabbits like.

“His behavior is very dog-like, which was something unexpected. He knows the door is to go to the garden and he always jumps to try to open it. Rabbits love bananas or they like strawberries, but Guus he’s afraid of bananas. When I put a piece of banana in front of his mouth, he’s like sniffing and pulling back. It’s funny to watch,” said Danielle.

Guus is part of the largest breed of domestic rabbit in the world, which can reach 15 kilos, but there are cases, such as the Dutch animal, that this weight is exceeded.

Despite its large size, Danielle guarantees that Guus is very easy to care for.

“He was potty trained in about 2-3 weeks. Also, his toilet needs to be cleaned twice a week. We also brush his fur and play with him a lot. Otherwise, he just cuddles and enjoys his company.” , said.

Danielle told a little more about Guus’s daily routine. “In the morning, when I open the living room door, he runs out. He jumps up and is very happy. After that, we have a few hugs on the couch and then he eats. Also during the day, he loves to jump next to me on the couch. A good head massage or petting is something he really enjoys.”

The tutor says that the reactions of people and animals that see him for the first time are very similar.

“Everyone who sees him for the first time is amazed at his size and how friendly he is. It’s easy for kids, adults, but also dogs and cats to be around him. He has such a great personality. He’s a very cute little bunny with a big heart and I love him very much,” concluded Danielle.

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