Animation captures the sound essence of Benjamim Taubkin – Jornal do Oeste

Upon being contemplated with the approval of a public notice about his work, entered by a production company, something that would be worth a tribute, pianist, arranger and composer Benjamim Taubkin had a first insight: to fly over from the images of a concert – something 95% of musicians might do too. But then, in the next moment, came the second inspiration – the one that composers usually know, enhances the first and protects it from clichés. Benjamim thought of making a short film to portray, in a no less poetic way than his compositions, an artist’s search for musical creation.

The result of this delicate and generous detachment is in the film Em Busca da Terra – Música Prometida, which has its official launch today, on the Núcleo Contemporâneo channel, on YouTube. Directed by Benjamim himself and graphic artist and animator Gabriel Bitar (from Veranito Studio), the film brings the sounds of Benjamim’s piano as a soundtrack to beautiful graphic scenes, as if everything were part of a dream. There are references in the designs and themes to projects by the composer, such as A Pequena Loja da Rua 57, Vortex Sessions, América Contemporânea, Piano Que Conversa and Al Qantara.

Benjamim says the following about the project, in a text released by his press office: “I want to contribute to the development of the country – human, cultural, philosophical development. I think music and my activity as a musician can help, like an atom, a drop, but it’s still a direction.”

Its animation is really a delight, with visual sensations very close to those felt when listening to a song by Benjamim, one of the most creative musicians in the country. A sensory alignment between image and sound that is difficult to represent.

He is also preparing the release of an album with themes inspired by his travels around the world. The musician has traveled, with artistic curiosities, to countries such as Morocco, Korea, Israel, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Costa Rica, USA and Spain, in addition to incursions into Brazil.

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