Anne Hathaway joins a women-led fund

That Anne Hathaway is a versatile woman, that many people know: the Hollywood star, in addition to being a multi-award winning actress, also puts her claws outside as a singer, businesswoman and ambassador of the United Nations. However, now she is also a partner of the pacta women-led global impact fund.

With Hathaway’s support, the Pact announced the creation of a US$ 36 million fund, focusing on European startups with impactful ideas, in the areas of inclusive economics, well-being and climatetechs. As reported by TechCrunchthe average investment ticket will be around US$ 1.2 million to US$ 1.8 million.

In addition to Anne Hathaway, other famous partners also entered the business. The AI ​​head of GoogleJeff Dean, and one of the founders of TechCrunch, Keith Teare, are also in the mix. The fund is led by three executives with experience in VC funds in Silicon Valley and the Asian market: Tong Gu, Reem Mobassaleh Wyndham and Monik Pham.

On the participation of a big Hollywood star in its body of investors, Reem Mobassaleh Wyndham highlighted the shared values ​​between the actress and the Pact🇧🇷

“One of its great causes is childcare, and the lack of it, as the final frontier for gender parity. And this is something we experienced firsthand as three female executives who had our first children while raising this fund. We had to figure out how to overcome the structural headwinds to be able to do both. That’s one of the lessons we hope to share with the ecosystem, and that’s where Anne comes in,” Reem said in an interview with TC.

The first investment of Pact was in growth kitchen, a London-based startup that launches sustainable food brands based on data insights. The previous investments of Pact include the Clauseacquired by docusign🇧🇷 ontoan electric vehicle subscription service; Perlego, an online learning platform; and African fintech Yoco.

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