“Cancelled the Son and given 1 assist”; Absence of Palmeiras name becomes subject in World Cup tie

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One of the Palmeiras players who was not called up for the World Cup was remembered this Thursday (24th) and chosen as the name that would make the difference

Getty Images / Francois Nel / Team - Son for South Korea.
Getty Images / Francois Nel / Team – Son for South Korea.

Palmeiras is one of the biggest, if not the biggest team in South American football and with that, it is normal that some of their names are representing the Latin American teams. So, during the World Cup, Verdão fans are tuned into several games in addition to those in Brazil.

However, this Thursday (24), it was a name from Palmeiras that was not called up that became a subject. That’s because, there was the match between Uruguay and South Korea, which ended in a 0-0 draw and the fans of Verdão stated that this only happened because the Uruguayan coach did not take left-back Piquerez.

According to the fans, the winger would not only have collaborated with an assist, but would have made life easier for Uruguay, canceling out striker Son, from Korea, who is one of the best in the world in the position: “Piquerez would have canceled Son and given an assist”revealed one of the netizens.

See more comments about the winger’s absence (SIC):

“If he had taken Piquerez, Uruguay would already be winning easily”;

“Piquerez wouldn’t miss that pass to Darwin”;

“That’s right, Uruguay”;

“Dumb Technician”

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