China records 31,400 cases of covid and breaks a record in the pandemic

China registered 31,444 new cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours and broke its record for daily infections since the beginning of the pandemic in the country in December 2019, the National Sanitary Commission said on Thursday (24).

There was also a new death in the period, totaling 5,232 victims of the health crisis.

Despite being a small number given the number of residents, the value draws attention because the government continues to apply the “Covid zero” policy, with large confinements and mass tests of the population.

The previous record had been recorded in April of this year, of almost 30,000 infections, during the peak of the wave that hit the city of Shanghai and put it in lockdown for about two weeks.

According to the report, 27,517 of those infected are asymptomatic.

Of the total tally, more than 9,000 infections occurred in Guangdong province, nearly 8,000 in Chongqing and around 1,600 in Beijing. Another 1,200 infections occurred in Sichuan province, 1,100 in Xinjinag, 946 in Hebei and 700 in Henan.

In the latter, is the city of Zhengzhou, known as the “iPhone city” for housing the largest factory of the cell phone brand in the world. Due to the high number of cases, the government ordered a lockdown in several districts of the city, which do not reach the factory area.

But employees who live in the city center can only leave their homes if they present a negative test for Covid-19 and have authorization from local authorities, which prevents circulation to the company. In addition, Foxconn “confined” a large part of the employees inside the complex so that the work could proceed and promised a bonus for doing so.

This week, a series of employee protests – both over non-payment of the promised extra amount and the new strict lockdown rules – ended up provoking a confrontation with police in Zhengzhou. The company apologized for the “technical error” and said it would make the payment. But the situation remains tense. (ANSA).

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