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Living Dead Season 11 episode “Outpost 22” may explain how the upcoming Maggie & Negan spinoff plays out. Season 11 is confirmed as Living Dead‘s, but AMC has already announced several spinoffs, one of which is titled The Walking Dead: Dead City and starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan alongside Lauren Cohan’s Maggie on a road trip to New York. This mere concept raises questions. What could be so vital for Negan and Maggie to resolve their remaining differences enough to travel this long journey together? And why would any of the characters leave behind their beloved children to take a long and perilous journey to the Big Apple?

Living Dead season 11, episode 21 might answer those questions. Captured by the Commonwealth, Maggie is separated from Hershel and has no idea where the young man has been taken. Similarly, Negan is separated from pregnant wife Annie, who is taken to a different group. “Outpost 22” also reveals that Commonwealth prisoners can be taken to the mysterious “Assignment 2” and never seen again. If Negan and Maggie stay away from their loved ones until Living Dead ends, The Walking Dead: Dead City could be the rescue mission that followed. Getting their children back is, of course, a strong enough motivation for Negan and Maggie to work together.

How The Walking Dead Season 11 Sets Up the City of the Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on The Walking Dead

Even though Maggie reunites with Hershel before Living Dead ends, she can still accompany Negan on a journey to rescue Annie. After all, she was the former villain who kept Hershel safe during Living Dead Riverbend incident from season 11. Likewise, if Negan reunites with Annie but Hershel remains absent, Negan may accompany Maggie due to his lingering guilt over killing Glenn. Even if Maggie and Negan rescue their loved ones from the Commonwealth’s clutches before Living Dead In the end, this entire ordeal has taught them an important lesson: let evil and villainy go unchallenged, and risk evil coming to steal your loved ones.

Whatever threat Negan and Maggie are facing The Walking Dead: Dead Cityboth evidently believe that staying at home with their children is more dangerous than going out and facing this new challenge head-on. Living Dead season 11, episode 21 explains why Negan and Maggie would come to that conclusion. Both tried to give the Commonwealth a wide berth for the good of their families, but the Commonwealth hurt those families anyway. If another threat, be it the CRM or something else, is looming in the shadows, Negan and Maggie are hoping to avoid making the same mistake twice, perhaps explaining why they left Hershel and Annie behind.

Will Hershel and Annie appear on The Walking Dead: Dead City?

A simple way to navigate most The Walking Dead: Dead CityThe premise issues with is simply having Kien Michael Spiller’s Hershel Rhee and Medina Senghore’s Annie appear alongside Maggie and Negan in the spinoff. Living Dead Season 11 has already teased Hershel’s presence, foreshadowing a day when the young man will avenge his father’s murder. That tense conversation with Negan hinted at a bigger role for Hershel in Living Deadthe future.

The only logical way for Annie to appear in The Walking Dead: Dead City is if there is a time jump between Living DeadMaggie & Negan series finale and Maggie & Negan spinoff. Taking a pregnant woman on a road trip from Virginia to New York seems unnecessarily risky, and even more so after the birth when both parents have a baby to care for. A time jump could age Negan and Annie’s child enough that the trip to New York would make sense. Even though Negan and Maggie travel alone, however, the Commonwealth steals their children in Living Dead Season 11 would perfectly explain why two loving parents temporarily leave their children behind to investigate a distant threat.

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