director confirms sequel to film even wilder

Damien Leone confirms sequel to bizarre horror movie that caused viewers to faint and vomit. Know more!

the fans of terrifier can now celebrate: a sequel to the feature was confirmed by Damien Leoneproduction director, last Wednesday (23). “I will say this…Terrifier 3 will start right from the end of part 2 and it will be incredibly wild”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

The first feature of the franchise was released in 2016. As for its continuation, terrifier 2went viral on the internet after the news that the production would have caused vomiting and fainting in viewers were released.

Terrifier 2: disturbing movie gets release date in Brazil

The wait is over: Terrifier 2 already has a release date in Brazil! Considered the most disturbing horror film of the year, the sequel to the 2016 feature that caused the talk of making people sick – literally – in US screenings, will finally hit theaters nationwide.

With a premiere date in Brazil set for December 29, the film starring David Howard Thornton is distributed by Imagem Filmes and A2 Filmes. A box-office hit, the low-budget feature has already grossed over $5 million in theaters internationally during its showings in the UK, US and Canada. Read the full news HERE.



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