Emilia Clarke goes to an ice cream parlor inspired by Game of Thrones and is surprised

The actress Emilia Clarkeknown for its role as Daenerys Targaryen had an opportunity to reminisce about her famous character last Thursday while visiting an ice cream parlor inspired by the series Game of Thrones.

Upon arriving at the scene, the actress made a face when looking at the sign of the establishment, which is called Game of Cones. In the photo, Emilia was wearing a pair of sunglasses and even showed her pet dog, Ted.

The actress, however, made a complaint: “I checked, but there was no option for Daenerys without lactose.”

She even joked by writing a hashtag that said: “Do they know that I was more of an ice girl than a fire girl?”

Emilia Clarke poses in front of the Game of Cones ice cream parlor (Reproduction / Instagram)
Emilia Clarke poses in front of the Game of Cones ice cream parlor (Reproduction / Instagram)

Actress had a serious health problem recently

Last July, the artist commented on the health problems she faced after having two aneurysms.

She even went so far as to say that she believed she would no longer be able to speak after two aneurysms left two regions of her brain “unusable”.

In the end, she managed to treat herself and said that she was part of a “small minority” of people who survived without major sequelae.

The first aneurysm ruptured in 2011 after the actress filmed the first season of game of Thronescausing a stroke.

In 2013, she underwent surgery for her second aneurysm which had doubled in size, as confirmed by scans.

In an interview with BBC1’s Sunday Mornin, she stated: “You gain a lot of perspective. The amount of my brain that is no longer usable… So much is missing that I laugh.”

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones (Play / HBO)

about the disease

The actress suffered for the first time a subarachnoid hemorrhage after the aneurysm – which is, roughly speaking, a kind of ‘weakening’ in a region of a blood vessel – on the surface of the brain.

They tend to be more common in people aged between 45 and 70 years and among the consequences are manifestations such as extreme tiredness, sleeping problems, headaches, vision disorders and loss of movement.

Emilia however stated that she had no such affectation and even added that she is capable of acting for hours without forgetting her lines. “I can do a two and a half hour play every night. I’ve always had a good memory because it’s a fundamental skill for any actor, so a person’s memory is obviously incredibly important, and I’ve tested that consistently.”

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