Galvão Bueno comes down from the wall and gives a clear message to Bolsonaristas

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Veteran sports narrator Galvão Bueno, from TV Globo, the official voice of Tetra and Penta, decided to come down from the wall of “exempts” and delivered a clearly anti-Bolsonarist speech during the transmission of Brazil’s debut game in the World Cup in Qatar, against Serbia, this Thursday (24).

“This yellow shirt is ours, it’s mine, it’s yours, it’s from all over Brazil, it’s everyone’s”, shot the man known for the catchphrases “eeee raise your arm!”, “ééééééééé from Braziliiiiiiil” and “look what he did, look what he did, look what he did”, in addition to the anthological “it’s teeeeetra!”.

On the networks, Galvão Bueno’s attitude did not go unnoticed and Brazilian fans from all over the country and the world echoed the “sense of relief” with the narrator’s outburst. The famous “hopscotch” became a present prop in 100% of the extremist manifestations of followers of the future ex-president Jair Bolsonaro, since his electoral triumph of 2018.

A few months ago, the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) itself began a campaign to “debolsonarize” the national team’s shirt, which for at least half of the country’s citizens had become a Dantesque symbol of the extreme right.

With the manifestation of the best-known voice of Brazilian sports journalism, it was up to Bolsonaristas only to feel that “a terrible climate was being created”.

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