“Is my friend. I’ll send…”; Diego Alves explains and surprises about Cristiano Ronaldo at Flamengo


Goleirão do Mais Querido sent the real over CR7 in Mengão

Diego Alves explains about CR7 in Flamengo: “He is my friend.  I will go…
🇧🇷 Photos: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF and Richard Heathcote/Getty ImagesDiego Alves explains about CR7 in Flamengo: “He is my friend. I will go…”

Diego Alves is a goalkeeper who has a lot of history with Flamengo’s shirt. He won practically every title possible, became an idol and is leaving the Club through the front door. For many, Diego is a goalkeeper who is already among the best in the position in the entire history of Mais Querido. What is certain is that his trajectory was very successful and nobody erases that.

The goalkeeper’s contract ends at the end of December, the idol had a farewell at Maracanã, in the last round, and now he will think about his future. It is not yet decided whether or not he will look for another club or if he would hang up his boots, as his friend Diego Ribas did. He was close to Grêmio, but the last minute deal ended up not happening.

Last Thursday night (24), Diego Alves participated in the BarbaCast Podcast and spoke on various subjects. A statement involving speculation about Cristiano Ronaldo in Mengão has had a lot of repercussions. In a more relaxed tone, Diego Alves said he would call João Cancelo, the Portuguese side who played with him at Valencia, in Spain. Before, he had said that he would ask Cristiano himself, but he made a reservation that this decision is very personal for the player.

🇧🇷(…) I’ll call him (Cristiano Ronaldo) there, I’ll ask João Cancelo, who is my friend. Cristiano Ronaldo here… who leaves (which player would be barred in Flamengo for CR7 to join? (laughs).🇧🇷 said before completing🇧🇷

🇧🇷This is very specific to the player. You have to see what his intentions are, nobody knows if he wants to play in a major league, if he wants to go to the United States… That is very specific to the player. Will I want to see him in Flamengo? Well… ok, who’s coming out? I’m dying to know too, soon there will be 45 players. Play only 11 (laughs). But man, it’s crazy, talking about Cristiano, talking about a guy there (elite)🇧🇷 completed🇧🇷

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