Jeffrey Dean Morgan broke both of his feet while filming The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan reveals he broke both feet while filming Living Dead season 11. First debuting in 2010, Living Dead ran for 11 seasons and spawned a massive franchise of its own, which includes three spin-offs and three more in development. Morgan first appeared in the show’s season 6 finale as Negan, the baton-wielding leader of the Saviors, and quickly became a fan favorite character for his distinct personality and ruthlessness. Negan’s popularity among fans led to Morgan getting his own spin-off, dead city, which he will star alongside Lauren Cohan (Maggie Rhee). While dead city does not yet have a firm premiere date, the series wrapped filming last month and is expected to release in April 2023.

In March, Morgan made a brief Twitter post about breaking his foot. In an interview with Insiderhowever, Morgan reveals that he broke both of his feet and did it during filming. Living Dead season 11. Morgan says he wasn’t wearing good enough shoes for constant jumping and landing and that at first he thought the pain in his feet wasn’t a cause for concern, but later learned it was more serious, although he found himself struggling with it . Read Morgan’s full comment below:

“I think I honestly just had shoes that weren’t very good and just bouncing, landing a few times. It started out as nothing, a hairline fracture. And then it got worse. My heel bones are no longer peaceful. I was going to have surgery between the series and the new show [Dead City]🇧🇷 And I was about three months old and I went to Spain to do a commercial. And I had one… [hernia], this happened to me. So I had to have surgery on it, and I was like, ‘Fk it. My foot will have to survive.’”

TWD has a history of on-set injuries

Negan confronting Rick in the seventh season of Walking Dead.

Though Morgan underwent surgery, a journey he documented on Twitter, he goes on to say he is “Good” now. Breaking her feet, however, wasn’t Morgan’s first injury on set during filming. Living Dead🇧🇷 While filming the season 8 episode “How It’s Gotta Be”, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) broke Morgan’s nose during a fight scene. When discussing the injury, Morgan said that even though Lincoln didn’t land the punch as he should have, the two continued filming the scene and Morgan didn’t have to have any corrective surgery.

However, Morgan is not the only Living Dead member has faced injuries on set. Last March, Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) suffered a concussion while filming the show’s final season, one severe enough for Reedus to say “I thought I was going to die.“While Reedus has had concussions and other injuries in the past, the incident in Living Dead the set was especially shocking for him, and the accident caused filming to be delayed several days. The worst on-set mishap, however, occurred in July 2017, when stuntman John Bernecker fell to his death after missing a safety pad placed by “inches🇧🇷 Bernecker was honored at the Living Dead Season 8 premiere.

Given the action-intensive nature of Living Dead, and how long the series lasted, some on-set injuries are to be expected. However, injuries reported by members of the cast and crew were quite serious, and acting injuries are not something to be taken lightly. Although the series came to an end on November 20th, three spin-off series are currently in the works, with each set to be as heavy as it gets. Living Deadand only time will tell if they’ll add to the franchise’s on-set accident story.

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