“Luan’s substitute”; Rueda could bring in 24-year-old midfielder after last-minute meeting


Alvinegro Praiano is looking for one-off reinforcements

- Luan
🇧🇷 Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF– Luan

John is a goalkeeper very dear to Santos fans. The archer was a starter and very well evaluated until he got hurt, so he lost the position to João Paulo. “JP” took over the sector and left no gaps for the vacancy dispute to be fierce. For many, the goalkeeper became the great reference of the team and largely because of him, Peixe escaped losing many matches.

Just like any other above-average player, John wants to play and understands that he has the quality to do so. Andres Rueda made it clear that there is a kind of promise to release the athlete through a good proposal. That would only change if the goalkeeper managed to change his course in Vila Belmiro, but that didn’t happen.

São Paulo insists on signing him and will make the last move to achieve success in negotiations. Bolavip Brasil reported that Tricolor Paulista will put two more players in the move and leave Santos with a percentage of the archer for a possible sale in the future, that is, in theory, Peixão would profit even with the player away from Vila. the sock Liziero is one of the names and there is a vacancy left in the sector with the departure of Luan. The 24-year-old midfielder is well evaluated and is even interested even if there is no direct exchange for John. A meeting between the parties in the coming days should define.

to the portalFish Diary”, Rueda admitted business chance: “Yes, we are talking with São Paulo. John wanted to leave in the middle of the Brasileirão, but he couldn’t negotiate at the time. I agreed that, at the end of the championship, if something good arrived for Santos, we would not create difficulties to release him. I talked to him and the businessman. The problem is that so far no club has come close to what we want for it.🇧🇷 said before completing🇧🇷

🇧🇷This decision to exchange with São Paulo has to come from our commission. They are talking to the representatives of São Paulo. It has to be something relevant to Santos. In any case, I understand that the exchange or sale, in a fair solution for Santos, should take place soon. John has several interested clubs🇧🇷 finished🇧🇷

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