“Making a contract of…” Sormani delivers Edenílson’s “request” to play for Santos


Journalist detailed values ​​and nuances of the contract that is being sewn, however, he did not fail to release acid criticism

Photo: Reproduction - Canal do Sormani
Photo: Reproduction – Canal do Sormani

the saints needs to move with assertiveness in the football market, to reinforce the squad in a positive way, aiming for the 2023 season. of the International.

Conversations were launched and the parties discuss the possibilities of transferring the player who lost prestige and space in the Rio Grande do Sul team. This Thursday (24), the journalist Fábio Sormani brought it on his YouTube channelbehind-the-scenes information on the negotiations between the Fish and the midfielder.

“Santos has to be careful, he has to work with his feet on the ground, he has to be accurate in hiring. Edenilson is not worth the money they are asking for, 2.5 million dollars for a three-year contract for him to stay at Santos until he is 35 years old, how is that? Who knows how he’s going to play”; nailed the journalist who, in the midst of his moment of fury, revealed the bases that are being treated with Edenílson.

Sormani goes straight to the point in a message for the Santástico fan, who is hopeful for the possible arrival of the Inter medallion and may be frustrated in case of failure in the negotiations: “Don’t cry for Edenílson, a 32-year-old player who had a bad season at the International”. In addition to Peixe, Atlético-MG and São Paulo, as revealed by journalist Alexsander Vieira, in an investigation by Bolavip Brasil: “Edenilson was offered through businessmen to São Paulo. being able to hire him for financial reasons and on account of the competition (which can inflate values)”.

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