New Toyota Prius has features of Ferrari Purosangue and even manages to use solar energy | Electric and Hybrid

Hybrid cars don’t seem to be with us that long, which is why it’s shocking to think that the Toyota Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid, is completing 25 years on the market. To mark this date – it was released in Japan in December 1997 -, the automaker presents the fifth generation of the model.

Silhouette has a continuous line until it ends abruptly in the straight fall of the rear — Photo: Disclosure

A pioneer in the more sustainable vehicle scene, the Prius has become a symbol among environmentalists, from crickets to the Hollywood celebrities who drive it, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks.

More of five million units have already been sold all over the world. Due to this enormous success, Toyota did not want to transform it into an electric car (despite having the technology to do so), but it maintained the essence of its revolutionary model even after 25 years on the road.

But the Prius has evolved over the years. Initially introduced as full hybrid, only in 2012 did it receive a plug-in version, that is, one that could be supplied through a “socket”. THE TNGA modular platform it also arrives at what Toyota calls the second generation, more rigid and stable than the previous one.

Panel has been completely redesigned and features a 12.3″ screen for the multimedia center — Photo: Disclosure

Gasoline engines were also overhauled. The plug-in version is equipped with a 2.0 of 220 hp associated with an electrica set that makes the car accelerate to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, efficiency was maintained, with the new generation reaching consumption figures of up to 92 km/l and emissions of 29 g/km of CO2. The electric booster has doubled its autonomy and can now run almost 100 km on electricity alone.

Front in C-shaped headlights and rising hood that joins the windshield — Photo: Disclosure

already the hybrid configuration full can be equipped either with engine 1.8 and 2.0 of 190 hp – the brand has not revealed performance data for these versions. But both will come with the Toyota’s all-wheel drive called the E-Four.

Visually, the new Prius borrows elements from the next generation of SUV C-HR and the electric bz3🇧🇷 The front features C-shaped headlights and a bonnet with an upward line that joins the windshield to create a continuous silhouette, ending at the straight rear. The rear door handles are hidden in the C-pillar and the trunk lid is named Prius for its length. 19-inch wheels complete the package.

Straight rear has an illuminated bar and the car’s name on the trunk lid — Photo: Disclosure

Inside, the changes are even more radical, with a digital instrument panel and multimedia center with a 12.3-inch screen. With a new format, the panel now has built-in warning lights that flash when there is imminent danger to the driver. The steering wheel is the same as the bZ4X electric SUV.

Panel captures solar energy to give up to 1,250 km of autonomy per year to the new Prius — Photo: Disclosure

Another novelty is the panoramic sunroof with solar energy charging system which, according to Toyota, provides up to 1,250 km of autonomy per year. There is also the latest version of the Toyota Safety Sense safety package, which includes a front camera, a rear camera for the internal rear view mirror and even a camera that records the interior of the vehicle.

Complete the equipment list highlights o Advanced Park remote parking systemwhich allows you to take or place the car in a parking space from the outside of the vehicle.

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