“They lost patience, they already settled with Braz”; Reinforcement ‘arranges’ confusion to play at Mengão and may take last minute punishment


Athlete already has a contract agreed to sign for 4 or 5 years with Mais Querido

- Marcos Braz
🇧🇷 Photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo– Marcos Braz

O Flamengo it is a very powerful Club and will continue to be so forever if there is no very new fact, of senseless spending of money or something like that. Unlike other teams, Mengão does not need SAF to do well in finances, it manages to stand on its own feet and this even causes rivals to revolt.

Marcos Braz, vice-president of football for Flamengo, is a professional very well articulated in the world of the ball. He manages to convince players and even businessmen in search of better deals for the CRF. The way he works is very authentic, exposed and that has a good side, but a bad side. When things are going well, there is a lot of praise and praise.

As soon as something goes wrong on the field, the situation begins to change. Braz has already been heavily demanded and there were many who asked for his departure from office, but he has the trust of President Rodolfo Landim and remains very firm working on the day to day of Mais Querido. Behind the scenes, the top hat has been trying in every way to line up new reinforcements for 2023.

Who has everything right to play in Mengo is the goalkeeper Agustin Rossi, from Boca Juniors. There is already a verbal agreement for him to sign for four or five years with Mais Querido and he will receive a salary of around R$ 450 thousand. What’s new about the athlete is that Boca’s management is losing patience with him. This is all because the last offer from the Argentines was made over a month ago, but he ignored it and people around the player believe that this is a tactic to not renew.

The Argentine press reports that the people of Boca have lost patience and signal ‘to punish‘ the goalkeeper, barring him from the goal to start a new season. Flamengo has already been warned of this position and will now go all out to have the player in January, to do the pre-season with the Club and stay that way available ASAP. Rossi understands that it is the last contract of his career to change his status, not only financially, but also in football.

Braz is a big fan of the goalkeeper and understands that, with his probable arrival, the goal position would be resolved, with two great archers, something that had been debated among Flamengo fans since 2020 and the sector was often the target of criticism from the red-blacks.

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