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The arrival of 5G in Brazil influenced one of the main points of the Brazilian routine: the open television signal. With the new network, he will need to change the satellite dish to continue receiving the signal with quality, since the 5G one can interfere with the transmission. Know who will receive the kit to change the antenna for a digital signal.

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The exchange in question turns out to be a higher-than-expected expense for some families. In this way, citizens who are part of the Single Registration receive the digital antenna kit free of charge. The government’s intention with this is to provide access to vulnerable families to quality sound and image.

The expectation is that the transmission will continue for everyone without any interference in the programming. The kit will also have a free installation. The good news is that the registered family that already has a digital antenna, popularly known as a “fishbone”, will not need to change it.

How to order the Digital Antenna Kit

To apply, one of the members of the group registered in CadÚnico must contact the Call Center of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) at 0800-729-2404. In addition to the telephone, the applicant may also order the equipment through the website of the Follow tuned🇧🇷

To order the service online, you will need:

  • Access the menu in the upper left corner of the screen;
  • Click on “Free kits distribution program”;
  • Select “Schedule here”;
  • Choose the form of identification, the CPF or the Social Identification Number (NIS).

After completing the personal information, the citizen must respond to a questionnaire applied by Anatel and define the day and time for the installation of the kit. After this period, a specialized technician will go to the residence to verify if a new device should be installed or not.

In which locations is the kit being offered?

THE 5G technology it is already available in 22 capitals in the country. Among them, we can mention Brasília, Goiânia, Rio de Janeiro, Aracaju, Florianópolis, Recife and Maceió. The agency’s intention was for the network to be available in all capitals of the country from July 31, however the schedule was postponed twice due to a delay in the delivery of filters that prevent 5G from interfering with other satellite signals.

Another obstacle notified by Anatel concerns logistical problems in relation to the delivery of the necessary equipment for the implementation of the network.

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