World Cup 2022: What is Qatar’s male guardianship system like for women?

  • Jose Carlos Cueto-@josecarloscueto
  • BBC News Mundo Special Envoy to Qatar

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In a country where locals are a minority compared to foreigners, women’s reality can vary from deep conservatism to progressivism that fights for more freedoms

The Bay of Doha at dusk is one of the favorite meeting points for the multiple cultures that live together this month during the World Cup in Qatar.

When the thermometers mark 30°C in the “winter” of Qatar, families, fans and onlookers gather walking along the Al Corniche avenue that stretches for seven kilometers on the waterfront of the capital, Doha.

It is here that the contrast between western visitors and several local Qatari families is best appreciated, who observe with some astonishment what is being set up in their country.

There are only 350,000 Qataris in this Muslim state of 3 million people, and among them, a whole spectrum of interpretations of Islamic principles.

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