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In a world dominated by technology, being an innovative and creative person can be a big problem indeed. First of all, you will have access to 15 creative habits and techniques🇧🇷 However, it is important to clarify that this is not a reason to say that all is lost. I stayed calm. In fact, luckily, there are some habits and techniques that can help you spark your creativity. The conception of creativity has changed a lot over time, in fact.

Most subjects, nowadays, believe that they are not creative. However, they ignore the fact that the main characteristic of a creative person is originality. So, to achieve creativity, it is essential to stimulate the brain. If you are wanting to become a more creative person and don’t know where to start, rest assured that we will help you. Check out some basic tips on how to be a creative person here.

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creative habits and techniques for you to try

Observe the world around you.

Many people get stuck in a routine and end up forgetting to observe their surroundings and everything that is happening in them. When you start looking at everyday life, consequently, you start to find the problems that exist in it. Furthermore, it is important to be aware of changes, after all, the world, as it depends on an anthropic variable to establish certain processes and territorial occupations, is constantly in motion (in the sense of transforming). Looking at everyday life is the first step to becoming a creative person.

See everyday problems with different eyes.

Every time you encounter a problem that interferes with your daily life, try to think if there is already a solution for it. If you don’t think of one, maybe it’s time to create one?

Change your habits.

Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That is, to have a creative mind, you need to change your habits, create new stimuli, etc.

Always write down your ideas.

Sometimes you can have a great, revolutionary idea. However, many people leave it to write things down later. Writing down ideas the moment you have them is a way of not forgetting them and putting them into practice.

Take a rest.

A creative mind needs rest. No one can think outside the box when tired, sleepless nights, etc.

Discover the stories of inspiring people.

Sometimes what a guy lacks is repertoire. Many ideas arise, but the lack of repertoire can end up smothering the flowering of certain ideas. Therefore, to be a creative person, one of the habits that one needs to adopt is to know the stories of individuals who managed to break social paradigms, such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, JK Rowling, etc.

Study a lot!

Studying is the fundamental basis of any creative mind. It is always necessary to start from the assumption that we are eternal learners and that nobody knows absolutely everything. Study hard all aspects of the area you want to act. Knowing everything that permeates this area, it will be easier to innovate.

Listen to other people.

Knowing how to listen to other people’s ideas is ideal for anyone looking to expand their creativity. Sometimes, a certain subject can see things that you cannot in certain situations, since our perspective varies according to our cultural baggage (lived experiences, etc.). Knowing when to listen is key to being a creative person.

Form groups.

Many transformative ideas ended up emerging from groups. Sometimes more than one person thinking can be the key to success. Creativity is not only in one subject.

Make use of the internet.

The internet proved to be transformative when it comes to communication between subjects. In that sense, use the internet to your advantage. Do long searches, talk to people, find contacts, check prices and so on. Today, we have a very important search tool that can help us unlock creativity.


No one will become creative just by thinking and not putting their ideas into practice. Creating and putting your ideas into practice is a great way to materialize what you imagined. This creation process even helps directly in the understanding of the other about your proposal and the feasibility of executing it.

Never discard an idea.

Sometimes, people have brilliant ideas and end up discarding them because they are too simple, or because they think that no one will be interested. To be a creative person, the important thing is to understand that everything is a process and that all ideas have their validity.

Have a new hobby.

Having a new hobby can help expand your perception of a certain subject, directly contributing to the improvement of your creative mind.

Have more fun.

People who usually don’t have fun tend to be more stressed and consequently less creative. We can see that fun and play stimulate creativity when we analyze a child, for example.

Respect the time.

People’s biggest mistake in the creative process is wanting to rush things. You have to understand that everything has its own time and that if something goes wrong, you have to keep going until it works.

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