″Neymar? He is an excellent player, but the rest is a spectacle that I do not like ″


Statements by ​​​​​​​Lothar Matthaus, former star of Germany, in an interview with Marca newspaper.

Germany is missing Toni Kroos [retirou-se da seleção depois do Euro’2020]🇧🇷 “No, we have Gundogan, Kimmich, Musiala… Kroos has made the difference and continues to do so with Real Madrid. He’s a fantastic player, but he decided to leave the national team a few years ago and we have to respect that. So do we.” we have a great team and in his position we have the captain of the [Manchester] City, Gundogan; two Bayern stars, Kimmich and Goretzka…but they are different from Kroos. Toni has done incredible things for German football, but we already have others to replace him.”

What do you expect from Germany at the 2022 World Cup? “Four years ago we failed in Russia, but in Qatar it could be different, despite the first game with Japan [derrota por 1-2]🇧🇷 [Hansi] Flick is connecting with players and I believe in him. I know it very well and we have to show a new facet of Russia. What happened in the first game is over and I hope this sign [de fragilidade] that we gave to the World will not be repeated. Now, after the defeat, the environment is not so ideal”.

Neymar injury: “It’s a shame. But I’ll say one thing, I don’t like Neymar throwing himself to the ground so much. He doesn’t need it. He should focus more on playing football and less on that. He helps his team more if he doesn’t spend so much time to be an actor. He’s an excellent player, but the rest is a spectacle I don’t like. I like to see him playing, not throwing himself. Why doesn’t he? He doesn’t help anyone, not even himself. His talent is playing, not acting. I would tell him not to do it anymore. I hope he recovers from his injury and plays more at this World Cup. But I’m tired of reading headlines about his “dives””.

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