AirTag helps Brazilian recover suitcases with R$ 16 million in Paris

An AirTag, from Apple, helped the French police to find the luxury bags of a Brazilian director of a cosmetics company, which had been stolen during her visit to the city to participate in Paris Fashion Week. The bags had been appraised at 🇧🇷 40 thousand (about R$ 223 thousand) and a Louis trunk vitton kept more than R$ 16 million in jewelry.

According to the newspaper Le Parisien, the criminals were arrested last Monday (21).

The theft took place on September 26, when the Brazilian and three assistants were aboard a Mercedes Vito taxi after leaving Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. Stuck in a traffic jam, they were approached by two men on a TMax scooter, who broke the vehicle’s window and took their bags.

Luckily, inside one of the suitcases there was an AirTag – an Apple geolocation device. Tracking him down led French police directly to Saint-Denis, a French commune, the thieves’ hideout.

However, the officers found other known young suspects and chose to keep them all under surveillance in recent weeks, until finally triggering the police operation this Monday.

The robbers, two brothers aged 27 and 34, were arrested for violent robbery in an organized gang. Both had criminal records. The oldest was already known for kidnapping, robbery and criminal association. And the younger brother had already been involved in a similar case of theft and another of drug trafficking.

They are also suspected of a similar theft that happened two weeks before the Brazilian. They allegedly attacked a taxi carrying an American tourist, also after leaving Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. The taxi driver was beaten and the thieves took a luxury bag with about US$ 9,000 (R$ 48,000 at current exchange rates) in cash.

AirTags are used to stalk women

Apple’s tracking device, which works exclusively with iPhone, was launched in April 2021. The following month, it arrived in Brazil. It’s a small disk that emits a GPS signal – the user can attach it to any object they don’t want to lose, such as keys, laptops or suitcases.

Since then, he has starred in other unusual stories. In August, he helped stop another bag snatcher, this time at the Fort Walton Beach airport in Florida, USA.

But misuse has also increased, especially in stalking women. Men put the tag on the victim’s car or purse, for example.

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