At least 8 die from landslide in Italy – News

At least eight people have died in a landslide caused by heavy rains on the Italian island of Ischia, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Matteo Salvini said on Saturday (26).

“There are eight confirmed deaths after the landslide in Ischia,” said Matteo Salvini, who is also deputy prime minister, quoted by the AGI agency and La Repubblica newspaper.🇧🇷

There are at least 13 people missing, including a family consisting of a husband, wife and newborn child. A 25 year old woman.

In Casamicciola Terme, in the north of the island, “a landslide engulfed a house, and we are looking for possible missing people,” the fire department said.

News agencies ANSA and AGI later reported that 13 people were missing after the landslide, which occurred earlier this Saturday (26).

Among the victims is a couple and their newborn son, who lived close to where the landslide originated, according to ANSA.

The mud washed away several cars, driving at least one of them into the sea. Two people were rescued, according to the Fire Department.

Authorities urged residents of Ischia, located on the coast of Naples, to remain in their homes so as not to disrupt rescue efforts.

In Casamicciola Terme, there was an earthquake in 2017, in which two people died.

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