Bruna Marquezine reveals her favorite Julia Roberts movie

Along with the friends he made during the recording of Blue Beetle 🇧🇷Blue Beetle) gives A.D🇧🇷 Bruna Marquezine appeared at an event in São Paulo.

At the event, the Brazilian actress was approached by a reporter and commented in the interview how excited she was to participate in this event.

Afterwards, Marquezine was informed by the interviewer that Julia Roberts would be honored at that event and then she was asked which film the actress likes the most.

Marquezine replied: “I have to say A beautiful woman🇧🇷 He explained: “Because I love everything about the movie! I dressed up as her for Halloween and all that stuff.”

In A beautiful womana businessman named Edward (Richard Gere), hires the prostitute Vivian (Roberts), to be her escort at events. Edward ends up falling in love with Vivian.

Edward (Richard Gere) and Vivian (Julia Roberts) in Pretty Woman (Playback)
Edward (Richard Gere) and Vivian (Julia Roberts) in Pretty Woman (Playback)

Marquezine is praised for speaking English

As seen, the publication above the Twitter profile of Warner Channel praised Bruna Marquezine for speaking impeccable English in the interview. And some fans also praised the actress.

“Very talented!!! You deserve everything you are living,” wrote one fan. “Queen”, posted another fan. “very wonderful and very talented, she is light and love”, praised another fan.

“Beautiful, smart and talented,” another person tweeted. And there were also those who shared offensive comments. A user of the social network wrote: “My God, what decadence, oh, what decadence”.

DC’s entry

Bruna Marquezine in Maldives
Bruna Marquezine in Maldives (Disclosure / Netflix)

Blue Beetle tells the story of how teenager Jaime Reyes, played by Xolo Maridueñafound a blue scarab gave him a super powerful armor.

Bruna Marquezine’s announcement in the film’s cast was made in March 2020, and in the plot she plays Penny, Jaime’s love interest.

The cast also includes Belissa Escobedo like Milagros Reyes and Susan Sarandon like Victoria Kord.

Since joining Blue BeetleMarquezine was clicked several times alongside Maridueña, as well as with other actors and crew from the DC feature film.

At the end of filming for the film, the actress met with the cast and crew at a nightclub to watch a performance by drag queens.

In an interview for the Marie Claire website, Marquezine told how it was to meet Susan Sarandon on the Blue Beetle set.

“I was recording and she went to say hi. I pretended total custom, but when she left I went to my trailer, and I cried. I like to get emotional. I learned that we have to value everything that lives and stop with this nonsense of ‘it’s no big deal.’ It’s too much, yes. The girl who was born in Duque de Caxias never thought she was going to experience this and now she can learn from Susan Sarandon? I can’t believe I got here. Girl, look at that mess, I’m unbearable”.

the premiere of Blue Beetle is scheduled for August 18, 2023.

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