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In your memoirs, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing🇧🇷 Friends alumnus Matthew Perry reflects on his highly publicized romance with Julia Roberts and reveals what led him to break up with her. According to an excerpt published by The times, Perry writes, “Dating Julia Roberts was too much for me. I was constantly sure that she would break up with me… So instead of facing the inevitable agony of losing her, I ended up with the beautiful and brilliant Julia Roberts.”

Roberts appeared in season two’s “The One After the Super Bowl, Part 2” as Perry’s character Chandler’s elementary school classmate Susie Moss. Her goal was to get back at him for panting her onstage during the fourth grade recital. In addition to Moss, Chandler has had brief flings and serious relationships on the show. While some of her exes aren’t all that notable, Reddit thinks others are fantastic.


    Chandler talking to Joanna at Bloomingdale's in Friends.

The first time Chandler dated Rachel’s boss, Joanna, he dumped her because he thought she was “a big, boring idiot”. The second time was different because of the chemistry and the taste for adventure.

Redditor GingerFurball praises the aforementioned love interest saying, “Joanna’s ‘hello Rachel’ as she walks from the shower to Chandler’s room is one of my favorite moments. I loved Joanna, she was a great character.” They are correct as Joanna came from a position of power and certainly knew how to tell people what she thought, including the smart mouth, Chandler, himself. She was a talented woman, and if she had stayed on the show for too long, she would have added a progressive element to the story by seeking an equal partnership with Chandler.


Ginger sitting on Chandler's lap in their apartment on Friends.

In a Reddit Poll asking fans to pick their favorite Chandler girlfriend, Redditor Two Thousand Steps comments, “Maybe Ginger, but she’s hardly ever been shown…” Season 3 Chandler’s girlfriend Ginger has had quite a bit of history with her roommate , Joey. They used to date, and once during their courtship, Joey woke up in the cold middle of the night to find that the fire they had made was dying. Unbeknownst to him, he threw Ginger’s prosthetic leg into the fire and fled. Chandler didn’t like his roommates’ behavior at all, as he really started to like the new woman in his life.

Ginger was witty and made Chandler laugh. Their first conversation outside the men’s room at Central Perk demonstrated that she had the same sense of humor as he did. They would have made a great pair if Ginger hadn’t freaked out at the sight of Chandler’s third nipple and run away. Although they had chemistry, the relationship needed time and mutual appreciation.

Susie Moss

Susie Moss takes off Chandler's clothes and he watches from the bathroom in Friends

In the same thread, Reddittor ibiZas_ comments, “I really thought Chandler and Susie had good chemistry too.” Chandler and Susie’s tempestuous romance featured in the second part of season two’s post-Superbowl episode. They bumped into each other on NYC movie sets Outbreak 2: The virus takes over Manhattan. Susie and Chandler had their own expectations of the relationship. He genuinely liked her and she was with him because she wanted to get back at him for offending her in elementary school.

Eventually, Chandler found himself in a sticky situation in Friends when Susie ran off with his clothes and left him high and dry in the bathroom stall. That said, Susie has added a sense of adventure to their relationship. She made the best of their brief, daring adventure, and it was she who helped build the momentum and turned Chandler into an adrenaline junkie.


Aurora and Chandler talking in their room on Friends.

In season two, Chandler falls in love with a beautiful Italian woman named Aurora. Reddit user VividTangerin “loved” her and Chandler together in Friendsand they comment, “He was so fun and romantic with her, even though he and Ethan and Rick weren’t enough to satisfy her.”

Aurora and Chandler met at one of Joey’s gruesome plays and the two hit it off right away. She entertained him with her adventure stories and her keen sense of humor. The only problem was that Chandler preferred to date one woman at a time and Aurora was polyamorous. Chandler called things off with a heavy heart because he knew Aurora was a catch. She was honest with him from the start and appreciated her presence. Her wit and intelligence make her one of Chandler’s memorable ex-girlfriends in Friends🇧🇷

Nina Bookbinder

Nina Bookbinder in Chandler's office on Friends.

Chandler dated an amazing woman and a co-worker named Nina Bookbinder in “The One with Two Parts, Part 1”. They broke up because Chandler abused her position of power and, unbeknownst to Nina, kept her instead of being given clear orders to fire her.

Reddit user Embarrassed- Caramel-9633 appreciates the said love interest, saying, “Nina was cute and had great chemistry with Chandler, would have loved to see what happened between these two if Chandler was honest from the start!” Nina and Chandler had palpable chemistry, but truth be told, it was out of his league. Chandler’s lie makes him one of the worst bosses in the company. Friendsand Nina definitely deserved a lot more than he did.


Kathy watching television at Chandler and Joey's in Friends.

In Season 4, Chandler felt a deep connection with Joey’s girlfriend, Kathy, and she, in turn, reciprocated his feelings. Things, however, got a little complicated when the two ended up kissing behind Joey’s back. As they were in love with each other, it was only a matter of time before Joe gave his approval, and the two briefly dated.

Redditor Frankiethesavage writes, “I think Chandler and Kathy were a great relationship… I wish they would have continued longer and I hate how they ended.” They are correct because Chandler and Kathy’s romance had emotional and eventually physical intimacy. Although jealousy negatively impacted their relationship and tore them apart, the fact remains that the witty and charming Kathy was one of Chandler’s best girlfriends in Friends🇧🇷

DanielleChandler talks to Danielle while his friends watch at Central Perk in Friends.

Chandler also dated a woman named Danielle at the beginning of the first season of “The One With The Evil Orthodontist”. He described their first date to his friends as “unbelievable” and “the best first dates ever”. Redditor David_Turck appreciates the character saying, “Was Danielle a wasted opportunity?” to which Reddit user Jennifer_Mckenze writes back: “She’s good.”

Both Redditors are correct in their assessments because Chandler was quite smitten with Danielle. The fact that he said they could be fully themselves with each other and enjoy the time said a lot about Danielle’s caliber and her chemistry. She was the perfectly good, level-headed, intelligent woman that Chandler mistakenly mistaken for being a “needy person,” and there’s no denying she deserved more screen time. Friends🇧🇷

Janice Hosenstein

Chandler breaks up with Janice on the orange couch in Central Perk in Friends

A Reddit poll by Redditor Loonyluna66 asks users to share their opinion (via poll) on their favorite Chandler girlfriend, and in the comments section, a now-deleted Reddit user writes: “I chose her [Janice] because I love her, but I also think she was too good for Chandler. She’s so sweet and funny, there’s no reason not to like her other than she’s loud.”

They are one percent correct, as Janice has undoubtedly emerged as the fans’ favorite love interest. She breathed comic relief in episodes like “The One with Barry and Mindy’s Wedding” and “The One with the Candy Hearts”. These and a few more Friends episodes prove that Janice was Chandler’s soul mate. She made him a happy man and genuinely loved him for who he was and who she hoped he would be.

Monica Geller

Monica Geller chatting with her friends in her living room on Friends.

In the same thread, Redditor BookWorm707 writes, “Janice was too funny for comic relief, but as Monica was the best girlfriend.” Monica and Chandler are arguably the best couple on TV. They demonstrated the importance of understanding and open communication in relationships.

Monica helped Chandler open up and gave him enough space to work out his commitment issues. She stuck by him through thick and thin, treated him with love, and most of all, gave him an honest opinion whenever he asked for one.

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