Christmas movies: Netflix has a catalog filled with Christmas movies to watch until the end of the year

You Christmas movies already arrived in the catalog of Netflix🇧🇷 There are releases and sequels ranging from romantic scripts to animations and exciting stories. Productions are already available to subscribers and others will be released by the end of November and beginning of December.

Gkay and Sérgio Malheiros in a scene in the film 'A Christmas Full of Grace'
Gkay and Sérgio Malheiros in a scene in the film ‘A Christmas Full of Grace’ Photograph: Disclosure/Netflix

The films feature stars such as Lindsay lohanChord Overstreet (glee), Freddie Prinze Jr (Scooby Doo) and Justin Hartley (This Is Us🇧🇷 It also has the second Brazilian Christmas feature starring Gkay🇧🇷 Vera Fischer and Sergio knitters🇧🇷

Netflix Christmas Movies in 2022 that are available now:

christmas with you

Pop star Angelina (Aimee Garcia) faces a career crisis and refuses to write a Christmas song to get out of the hole. Tired, she decides to fulfill the dream of a fan, teenager Cristina (Deja Cruz), to reconnect with her audience. In the small town, the singer finds inspiration for a new hit and even the chance to experience true love with music teacher Miguel (Freddie Prinze Jr.).

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A Little Christmas

Sierra (Lindsay Lohan) is a rich, spoiled young woman and heiress to a hotel chain. A few days before Christmas, she has a skiing accident just as she is receiving a marriage proposal.

The protagonist loses her memory and is taken to a small town hospital, where she is at the mercy of the kindness of the residents. She stays at the inn of the widowed Jake (Chord Overstreet), who alone takes care of his daughter, Avy (Olivia Perez). While trying to recover from amnesia, the preppy gets closer to the handsome guy more than she could imagine.

12 Christmas Gifts

Unemployed and penniless, painter Anna (Katrina Law) decides to become a personal shopper. She ends up being hired to help publicist Marc (Aaron O’Connell) with the Christmas shopping. By working together, they realize the true meaning of Christmas and discover a great love.

Scene from the movie '12 Christmas Presents', available on Netflix
Scene from the movie ’12 Christmas Presents’, available on Netflix Photograph: Disclosure/IMDB

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All right next Christmas

The comedy has in the cast Leandro HassumDanielle Winits, Elisa Pinheiro, Louise Cardoso, Miguel Rômulo, Rodrigo Fagunes and José Rubens Chachá.

The story refers to Hassum’s character, Jorge, who is ‘stuck’ on Christmas Day, not remembering what happens for the rest of the year until the following Christmas, having to deal with the events of his life over the years. When released, it was among the highlights of national films on Netflix.

In the Land of Christmas

Jules Cooper (Nikki Deloach), a successful businesswoman, inherits Christmas Land from her grandmother, pine plantations where she used to spend the holidays. She then needs to make the decision to sell the place or reopen it and take over the business. The New Yorker’s plans begin to change when she becomes enchanted by the city’s residents and also by the charming lawyer Tucker (Luke Macfarlane).

Scene from the movie 'In Christmas Land', available on Netflix
Scene from the movie ‘In Christmas Land’, available on Netflix Photograph: Disclosure/IMDB

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trilogy of The Princess and the Plebeian

The feature films The Princess and the Plebeian, The Princess and the Plebeian: New Adventure and The Princess and the Plebeian 3: The Villains Also Love are available in the catalogue. The movie has Vanessa Hudgens playing a commoner, a princess and a villain – wrapped in a script with a Christmas atmosphere. In an interview with Estadão, the actress spoke about the success of her character.

Vanessa Hudgens in a scene in the movie 'The Princess and the Pauper'
Vanessa Hudgens in a scene in the movie ‘The Princess and the Pauper’ Photograph: Mark Mainz/Netflix

The Santa Family 2

The sequence shows that after inheriting the reins from Grandpa Noel (Jan Decleir), Jules (Mo Bakker) gets into the Christmas mood and prepares to deliver presents again at the busiest time of the year for the family. But everything changes when the boy receives a letter from a girl with an intriguing question.

Scene from the movie 'The Santa Family 2'
Scene from the movie ‘The Santa Family 2’ Photograph: Disclosure/IMDB

Christmas Gift Mission

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A US military base, which distributes medicine, food and toys to 30,000 people spread across 56 islands in the Pacific Ocean every year is in danger of closing and Erica (Kat Graham) needs to get the government to change its mind. For this, she will have to collaborate with the ‘handsome’ captain Andrew Jantz (Alexander Ludwig).

Other Christmas movies coming to Netflix:

Our Christmas on the Farm

A widowed father inherits a farm just days before Christmas and plans to spend the holidays in the country. As he tries to adapt to life in the countryside, the children hatch a plan to live there forever. The film opens on November 23.

Scene from the movie 'Our Christmas on the Farm'
Scene from the movie ‘Our Christmas on the Farm’ Photograph: Mirrorball Films (Farm) Limited/IMDB

Santa’s Diary

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Best-selling author Jake Turner (Justin Hartley) decides to spend Christmas at the house where he grew up to settle questions about an inheritance. Unwittingly, he finds a diary that holds secrets from him and the mysterious Rachel (Barrett Doss). The writer embarks on a journey with the woman to confront the past and discover a new future. The film is set for release on November 24.

Scene from the movie 'Noel's Diary'
Scene from the movie ‘Noel’s Diary’ Photograph: Disclosure/IMDB

A Christmas Full of Grace

The influencer Gkay, Sérgio Malheiros and Vera Fischer star in the second Brazilian production of Natal, scheduled for November 30th. The comedy also stars Monique Alfradique, Nando Cunha, Letícia Isnard, Flávia Reis and Cezar Maracujá. In the plot, Carlinhos (Malheiros) decides to take the wild Graça (Gkay), whom he has just met, to the family mansion after discovering his ex-girlfriend’s betrayal.

As a tradition every year, relatives celebrate the festivities with a luxurious supper that leaves the visitor impressed. However, the boy’s companion is able to bring the house down with her passion for the date. With a rebellious attitude, the young woman irritates the matriarch Lady Sofia (Vera) and even hides a secret.

The Netflix catalog also has other features such as: Too Close for Christmas🇧🇷 Customized Christmas🇧🇷 The Prince of Christmas🇧🇷 christmas chronicles🇧🇷 Cinderella’s Christmas🇧🇷 Christmas is in the air🇧🇷 The Spell of Christmas🇧🇷 A Toast to Christmas: City Lights🇧🇷 A Boy Called Christmas🇧🇷 A Castle for Christmas🇧🇷 Christmas card🇧🇷 I hate Christmas🇧🇷 christmas landscape🇧🇷 A Christmas Invention and Angela’s Christmas🇧🇷

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