Despite the loss, the World Cup in Qatar raises ratings and exceeds Globo’s goal · TV news

The World Cup in Qatar has surpassed Globo’s expectations in audience. Even with the damage already assumed internally because of the high costs of rights and team maintenance in the Middle Eastern country, the broadcaster is very satisfied with the rates, which are higher compared to the last World Cup, held in Russia in 2018.

O TV news had access to the audience survey of the first round of the group stage, which started on Sunday (20) and ended last Thursday (24). With 16 games broadcast, the leading broadcaster obtained an average of 19.7 points in Greater São Paulo, the main television market in Brazil and a reference for investments in the advertising market.

With broadcasts at similar times and with longer duration – in Russia it was three games a day, not four –, the 2018 Cup reached 15.6 points. That is, the Qatar Cup increased in its first round by around 26.2% when compared to the same period of the last edition.

In the top three most watched games so far, no big surprise. The ratings champion was the debut of the Brazilian team against Serbia. The 2-0 victory with narration by Galvão Bueno scored 49.8 points. The second place was the opening of the World Cup with Qatar 0 x 2 Ecuador, which obtained 27.6 points. Portugal 3 x 2 Ghana, shown before Brazil x Serbia, completed the podium with 24.3 points.

The worst result so far was that of England 6 x 2 Iran (13.0 points). The expectation is that the average of the World Cup in Qatar will rise even more in the coming days, because of the big clashes, such as Argentina x Mexico, Spain x Germany, Portugal x Uruguay and the second game of Brazil, which will be against Switzerland .

Cup Ibope does not erase Globo’s loss

The audience for the World Cup in Qatar is bigger than Globo expected. The broadcaster’s management believed that Brazil’s matches would be around 42 points. The general expected average for the first round was 16 points.

The numbers are a good consolation, since the World Cup will not bring financial profit to Globo. O TV news found that the broadcaster operates in the red to deliver coverage. Each share on open TV was sold for R$ 175 million. Each year, Globo pays US$ 90 million (approximately R$ 485 million) to FIFA (Federação Internacional de Futebol) to host events from the highest football entity.

There is still the value of renegotiating a portion not paid by TV to the entity in 2020, made after a legal fight at the height of the pandemic. This value is around US$ 30 million (R$ 161.8 million at the current exchange rate). That is, just costs with rights, will be more than R$ 640 million.

In addition, the broadcaster does not keep the total value of the World Cup quota. Part of the money from sales is passed on in the form of commissions to the agencies that mediate the negotiations. Taxes on transactions are also included in the account.

To enable coverage of the event, Globo also invests heavily in production, with the payment of accommodation, food and tickets for professionals, in addition to other travel costs. Just to give you an idea, a “modest” hotel room by Qatar standards doesn’t cost less than R$10,000 a day. A plane ticket costs around R$ 9,000 in economy class.

It is worth remembering that Globo has already renewed its contract with FIFA and acquired the rights to broadcast the 2026 World Cup, which will be held in Canada, the United States and Mexico. This contract, however, is not exclusive to the media.

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