Ex-priest pleads guilty after being caught having sex at altar

A former Catholic priest pleaded guilty to the crime of obscenity after he was caught having sex with two women at the altar of a Pearl River church in the United States.

Travis Clark, 39, has been suspended from prison and will serve a three-year sentence on probation, in addition to paying a fine. in US$ 1,000 (about R$ 5,400 at current exchange rates) after a hearing held at the beginning of the week.

The incident took place in 2020. A pedestrian was passing by the church and found the movement strange when he realized that the lights were on. As he approached, he could see Clark partially naked, having sex with two women who were wearing corsets. The police were called and, upon arriving at the scene, agents seized sex toys and a camera mounted on a tripod.

In July, the two women involved in the lawsuit also pleaded guilty to institutional vandalism and were sentenced to two years of supervised probation.

In addition to the crime of obscenity, Clark was also accused of the crime of institutional vandalism, but the complaint was withdrawn after a plea deal, according to the publication.

The desecrated altar was burned after the incident, according to the archbishop of New Orleans, and a new altar was built in November 2020. Clark paid restitution to the church in the amount of $8,000.

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