fan gets tattoo with Richarlison goal

The great goal scored by Richarlison against Serbia in the first round of Group G of the World Cup became a tattoo in Brazil. A fan named Josué Júnior, 19 years old, resident of the city of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, immortalized the calf throw yesterday afternoon (25th) and this Saturday was noticed by the national team striker, who reposted the image on his social networks directly from concentration in Doha.

“I’ve been a fan of Richarlison for a long time, since the time he played for Fluminense, because I’m a fan of the club. I had great affection and admiration for him because I think he’s a very humble guy, who always tries to help people, but without losing the side of the review, of being funny,” says Josué, UOL Sport🇧🇷 He completes:

“The idea came up yesterday (Friday) at lunchtime, more or less. I was already wanting to tattoo something and I saw a tattoo artist here on my street post this art and that he was looking for someone to do it. I identified it. I said ‘bro, let’s go upstairs’. It was an idea that came from him, the art itself and I just embraced the idea together with him.”

The tattoo artist responsible for the art is Fran Jr, also from Ribeirão Preto. The art of the tattoo is Richarlison’s volleying motion, in the air with the ball still at his foot.

“It was a great goal, right? Something that will go down in history for a long time, a story to tell my children”, says the tattooed Josué Júnior, proud to have been noticed by the number 9 of the selection.

“I didn’t think it would happen [o repost de Richarlison]🇧🇷 I got the tattoo, came to my parents’ house, slept and woke up at about 4 am with the cell phone beeping: ‘what’s going on? I just unlocked it and saw the messages: ‘I came for Richarlison’s stories’. I jumped out of bed to see if I wasn’t dreaming. It was a very nice gesture, it shows how humble he is.”

Josué Júnior has already promised tattoo artist Fran Jr that if Brazil is six-time world champion in Qatar, the other calf will also be tattooed. It will be the Cup cup.

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