Former striker Antonio Cassano detonates Richarlison: ‘He’s horrible, he doesn’t know how to control a ball’

Richarlison started the World Cup in Qatar in style, scoring the two winning goals for the Brazilian national team against Serbia. But that wasn’t enough for Antonio Cassano, a former striker, to stop criticizing the Brazilian striker on ‘BoboTV’.

For Cassano, who played for clubs like Roma and Real Madrid, Richarlison is not worth what Tottenham disbursed to sign him and does not have enough quality to join the Selection.

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“I’m someone who never denies what I’ve said and, after what I’ve seen, I can confirm that Richarlison is horrible. The truth is that, in the second goal, he controlled badly and hit that shot, while the other went into an empty net. He has nothing to do with the other strikers in Brazil. Richarlison is very bad. They paid 75 million euros for him and he doesn’t know how to control a ball.”

Retired since 2017, when he left Hellas Verona, Cassano made 39 appearances with the Italian national team and participated in the 2014 World Cup, playing two matches and not scoring goals. At the time, Italy fell out of the group stage.

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