Galo technical commission may suffer unexpected loss

Galo’s board may have a big problem in the coming days with a possible weight loss in its coaching staff for 2023. Internacional ended up without its physical trainer when Flávio de Oliveira left the team claiming personal problems, and now the team from Rio Grande do Sul can come up to Atlético-MG in search of a name for the folder.

According to journalist Cristiano Silva, some trainers have a chance of arriving at Inter soon and a professional from Galo would be on this list. Cristiano Nunes, who has worked in Colorado twice and is now at Atlético-MG, would be one of them.

In addition to him, two other names would also be on the gaucho team’s radar for next year. Another would be Flávio Trevisan, who currently works at Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates. And finally Túlio Flores, from Athletico, who has already worked with William Thomas.

“Three names are on the @SCInternacional radar for P. Física. Cristiano Nunes, from Atlético, who has worked in Colorado twice, the last one was in 2020. Túlio Flores, Athletico-PR, worked with Willian Thomaz at Gremio and Hurricane. And Flávio Trevisan, today at Al Ain, UAE”, wrote the journalist on his Twitter account.

Galo professional is probed after dropping out at Inter

Clube do Povo even announced his departure, releasing a note thanking the professional for his services over the last six months. “Sport Club Internacional announces that, for personal reasons, to be closer to his family in São Paulo, physical trainer Flávio de Oliveira has resigned from the Club. Colorado thanks you for your services and wishes you luck in your career,” the statement said.

Now the Meu Timão portal, specialized in Corinthians, reported that the professional may be transferring to the São Paulo team to work there next season.

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