Luis Roberto is cleared by doctors and returns to the Cup on Globo in the Argentina game · TV News

Luis Roberto has recovered from sinusitis and will be able to narrate the World Cup on Globo again. The 61-year-old narrator, who is in Qatar, was reassessed by the medical team and was cleared to return to work – he has been away since last Tuesday (22). The owner of the catchphrase “you know whose?” will return to the World Cup in Argentina x Mexico, this Saturday (26), a game that could eliminate Brazil’s biggest rival from the competition still in the first phase.

The information was gathered by the TV news and confirmed by Luis himself. Joining him in the match will be the commentators Caio Ribeiro and Roger Flores, who are also sent by Globo to the host country of the competition. The game will air from 4 pm, Brasilia time.

In order for him to recover quickly, the announcer stayed at the hotel. He took medicine, inhaled oxygen and drank plenty of water. After exams this Friday (25), he showed improvement and even went out for a walk with his colleagues.

With that, Globo manages to fulfill the goal that was to have Luis Roberto back this weekend. In addition to Argentina x Mexico, he is also scheduled for Spain x Germany, the main game on Sunday (27) in the World Cup, starting at 4 pm.

The journalist narrated matches on three consecutive days. He commanded the transmission of the opening of the World Cup, on Sunday (20), replacing Galvão Bueno, who had to postpone his trip to Qatar to recover from Covid-19. Globo’s main narrator debuted in Brazil 2 x 0 Serbia, on Thursday (24)

In the game France 4 x 1 Australia, Luis Roberto’s voice was much demanded because of the five goals. Despite not having the same strength to scream, he managed to vibrate every time the net swung and even spoke his new catchphrase, launched in the Cup, “I want to scream goal!”.

After the comments on the web about the voice, the announcer explained himself live. “The allergy caught me here, the sinusitis gave the air of grace, but anyway we are doing the best”, he justified.

In Globo’s team of narrators on open TV, only he and Galvão Bueno are in the host country of the sporting event. Cléber Machado, Renata Silveira and Gustavo Villani have commanded the matches from the station’s studios in Rio de Janeiro.

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