Musk will use different colors to verify accounts –

With the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Muskthe platform must again modify the way of verifying users on the platform.

Now, the idea is that individual, company and government profiles have different colors and can be authenticated manually by the company’s staff. According to the platform owner, the process should start on December 2.

Musk’s plans include adding a gray badge for profiles linked to government bodies, gold for companies and keeping the blue badge for individual users.

Twitter Blue will continue to offer verification for profiles of people on the platform for $8, but the subscription is not expected to be relaunched until the company is “confident that parody accounts don’t happen.”

When it launched signature verification, several fake accounts posed as official accounts, confusing users with different information. The tool was then suspended by Musk.

Now, the entire authentication process must go through the hands of Twitter employees, in an action that Musk called “painful but necessary”.

The billionaire said that, apart from business and government accounts, the blue mark will be analyzed regardless of whether the profile is of famous people or not, but he does not rule out adding another label to the accounts of users linked to relevant companies or vehicles.

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