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injury to third vertebra in 2014fracture in fifth metatarsal in 2018 and an injury ankle ligament in 2022… Brazil’s opener against Serbia confirmed an injury woe for Neymar in world Cups🇧🇷 In his third participation in the competition, the number 10 suffers again with a physical problem. The CBF confirmed that the player will not play in the next match, against Switzerland, on Monday (28). There is still a possibility that the athlete will also lose the game against Cameroon, already on Friday.

Neymar was taken for imaging tests last Friday morning in Doha, Qatar, and a ligament injury to his right ankle and bone edema were detected. In the evaluation of the doctor of the Brazilian team, Rodrigo Lasmar, the ideal is not to make hasty evaluations and treat the issue day after day.

For his first World Cup, at home, in front of his fans, the then Barcelona player arrived with two major injuries throughout the year. Neymar had suffered an injury to his right ankle (the same as now) and one to his left foot. The worst, however, was yet to come. In the quarterfinals, against Colombia, the player was kneed by Zuniga, in the 41st minute of the second half, and suffered a fracture in the third lumbar vertebra. It was the end of the World Cup for the player who could not play in the 7-1 against Germany, nor in the dispute for third place against the Netherlands.

Four years later, Neymar had another serious injury in his career, he stayed three months without playing and only returned to play weeks before the Cup in Russia. The player took a step on his right foot, in a match for Paris Saint-Germain against Olympique de Marseille and had to undergo surgery. The long recovery did not return the number 10 in full condition to make great performances. Along with this, the player was heavily criticized for simulating or exaggerating his reactions to fouls received.

Already in his third Cup, even more focused than before, Neymar was making a good debut against Serbia until he was tackled by defender Nikola Milenkovic, in the 22nd minute of the final stage. The defender’s cart hit Neymar’s right foot, who left the field, in the 35th minute, with a very swollen ankle. Still on the bench, treatment began, but the downcast face betrayed that it was something more serious. When leaving the stadium, for example, the player continued to limp a lot.

In the social networksNeymar himself recalled the sequence of injuries in World Cups.

“Today has become one of the most difficult moments of my career… And again in a World Cup”, began the player. “I have an injury, yes, it’s annoying, it’s going to hurt but I’m sure I’ll have the chance to come back because I’ll do my best to help my country, my teammates and myself.”

The technical commission of the Brazilian team expected to have a result within 48 hours after the match. Lasmar updated the athlete’s clinical condition after disclosing the injury information.

“The scans showed a lateral ligament injury on Neymar’s right ankle, along with a small bone edema and a medial injury on Danilo’s left ankle. Players remain in treatment. It is very important to be very calm and calm, because our evaluation will be daily, so that we have information and make the best decisions based on that”, said Lasmar.

In the only training so far, Tite has not given clues on how he should arm the team without Neymar. Some options are still open, as right-back Danilo will not play either. Fred, Gabriel Martinelli and Everton Ribeiro are the most quoted substitutes for the vacancy.

See how Neymar’s ankle looked after Brazil’s World Cup debut

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