Qatar allows LGBT flags in stadiums, but continues to ban players with the “One Love” armband

This Friday (25), the Qatarhost country of the current edition of the world Cup, announced that it has revoked the ban on rainbow flags and pro-LGBTQ+ demonstrations in the country’s stadiums, due to the demonstrations that are taking place around the world against the tournament. With the new round of games, fans who want to express support for the LGBT community with flags and props will no longer be bothered by security and authorities at the venues.

However, the authorization is not open to players from the teams participating in the championship, as the decision does not interfere with the ban on wearing the armband. “One Love” inside the pitch, due to the initiative proposed by several countries in support of the local LTBQIA+ community against the oppressive laws of the Qatar🇧🇷

According to the German news agency DPA, FIFA had already asked the Qatar and the organizing committee of world Cup to allow rainbow colors in stadiums. According to the British The Independentthe national teams have already been informed that the veto against the armband remains valid, under penalty of a fine and other stricter penalties.

Last Tuesday (22), a Brazilian journalist had been attacked by the local Qatari police, after having his Pernambuco state flag confused with an LGBTQIA+ demonstration in one of the stadiums of the championship.

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