Reserve striker has more effective production at Corinthians in 2022; understand

In 2022 Corinthians had some individual highlights for the fans, but one of them possibly went unnoticed. In terms of advanced statistics, the name that most produced beyond expectations for the club in the Brazilian Championship was not even a starter in coach Vítor Pereira’s team: striker gustavo Mosquito🇧🇷

The explanation is given by the website FootBall Reference, specializing in sports numbers. Recently, the tool began to collect data from Brazilian football competitions and, from what could be seen last season, the winger showed above-average efficiency.

Putting the “xG” as a parameter, an advanced standard that seeks to measure the number of goals that a player had the chance to score during the season, and the “xA”, the same standard, but for assists, Mosquito is the one that most exceeded expectations .

Taking into account the division for 90 minutes, Mosquito would have to end the year with 0.3 goals/assists per game played. In the end, however, he achieved 0.48 goals/assists during 2022, surpassing the account by almost 0.2.

In absolute numbers, Mosquito was on the field in situations that would allow him, on average, only 3.5 goals/assists during the Brazilian Championship. In reality, however, he ended the tournament with three goals and three passes to teammates to score. This is what the numbers do not take into account, for example, participation in fouls, penalties and goals against the opponent.

The overall average leader was striker Yuri Alberto, who ended up with 0.56 goals/assists per game – his expectation was 0.46. Among the most used attackers, the only ones who produced less than the respective “xG” and “xA” predicted were Róger Guedes (0.39 of 0.47) and Willian (0.20 of 0.22).

Mosquito, unfortunately, will not be available to Fernando Lázaro anytime soon. He suffered a torn cruciate ligament in his right knee and should only return to action in the second half of next year.

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