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She-Hulk: Lawyer star Jameela Jamil is expressing interest in joining the John Wick franchise. Centering on the titular character of Keanu Reeves, a retired assassin forced back into the criminal underworld, John Wick it proved to be a critical and financial success, with several sequels generating over half a billion dollars in total. In addition to a fourth installment, scheduled for release on March 24, 2023, the action-thriller franchise has begun developing spin-offs on Ana de Armas’ film. Ballet dancer and the prequel television series the continental🇧🇷 Prior to her portrayal of Titania in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jamil’s fans likely knew her from NBC. The Good Placebut she also appeared in projects like DC League of Super Pets and Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin🇧🇷

Talking to colliderJamil recently revealed that he wants to be part of John Wick franchise. The actress explained that she is on her way to a “EGOT nerd“noting his involvement with other prominent franchises including Marvel and DC. She shared howdevastated“She went to find out that the Fast and furious movies were ending, and now she has her eye on Chad Stahelski and Reeves’ Expanding Universe as one of her next prospects. Read Jamil’s comments about his work and desire to participate John Wick below:

🇧🇷Yup. After Star Trek, I was like, ‘Okay, so I’ve done Star Trek, DC and Marvel. I’m on my way to my nerdy EGOT. I think Star Wars is next. I have this in view. It’s something I’m praying about at night before I go to bed. It would be an amazing franchise to be able to join. And also John Wick. This is weird? I was genuinely devastated when I found out that they were making the final Fast and Furious movie because I always wanted to be a part of it, but I just didn’t get into the industry early enough. And so, John Wick is dead in my eyes.🇧🇷

Why Jameela Jamil Is Perfect For The John Wick Universe

Titania attends the wedding in She-Hulk Lawyer

In addition to his work on the MCU and DC Universe, Jamil has lent his voice to Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous and Star Trek: Prodigy🇧🇷 As pointed out, she’s been involved in some of the most successful franchises of all time, something few actors can claim, and there’s a lot she can bring to this action-thriller universe. for all John WickIn the first three installments, audiences have discovered small instances of humor, and if the franchise is looking to set its spin-offs apart in any way, this is an element Jamil could add. She proved it in She-Hulk: Lawyermanaging to make one of the show’s main antagonists a fan favorite.

John Wick is known for its memorable action sequences, and with her character having battled Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk multiple times on the show, Jamil is likely up for the physicality, should the role demand it. The actress shared a lot of behind-the-scenes content from her training to She-Hulk: Lawyer, showing her hanging from wires and running around in a fight choreography. With John Wick 5 in development, along with the various spin-offs on the way, Jamil could enter the franchise in some capacity, perhaps even as another antagonist.

It will be interesting to see where the John Wick the franchise continues as it continues to expand, and fans will certainly be eager to find out if Jamil lands a role in it. She’s demonstrated her range in past projects and it looked like she really enjoyed playing Titania in She-Hulk: Lawyer, as well as the work involved with it. Given the number of supporting roles on the series and given that audiences have been wanting to see more of Jamil in other movies/TV shows, an appearance in John Wick it could be the perfect opportunity.

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