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Lula lamented trag
Lula lamented the tragedy caused by a criminal in schools (photo: AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP)

An attack on two schools left three dead in Aracruz, Espírito Santo. The Secretariat of Public Security reported that the author invaded the educational establishments with a pistol and fired several shots as soon as he entered. Afterwards, he went to the teachers’ lounge and fired more shots. Two teachers were killed.

President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva offered solidarity to the families of the victims. He stated that he learned of the tragedy with sadness and supported the governor of Espírito Santo.

“I learned with sadness about the attack on schools in Aracruz, Espírito Santo. My solidarity with the families of the victims of this absurd tragedy. And my support for Governor Renato Casagrande (PSB) in the investigation of the case and support for the communities of the two schools affected”, Lula posted on Twitter.

The vice president-elect, Geraldo Alckmin, also spoke. He said he was dismayed and demanded preventive measures so that episodes like this do not happen again. Dismayed by the attacks that took place in schools in Aracruz, Espírito Santo, I express my solidarity with the school communities, families and friends of the victims. Let there be prompt investigation and prevention so that tragedies like this do not happen again”.

Three former RenovaBR students elected this year by Minas Gerais and one alternate are among the more than 50 enrolled in the training course for first-term parliamentarians to be promoted by RenovaBR and Insper, in So Paulo. They are future state deputy Lohanna (PV-MG) and future federal deputies Pedro Aihara (Patriota-MG) and Samuel Viana (PL-MG), in addition to the first alternate Laiz Soares (Solidariedade-MG).

The aim of the qualification is to prepare parliamentarians for the challenges of the next four years. With a focus on strategic mandate management, classes will be held between December 5th and 9th, at the educational institution’s headquarters, in Vila Olmpia, So Paulo.

With a workload of 40 hours, the training aims to debate proposals for the main Brazilian challenges and create a strategic mandate management plan. Among the professors are the political scientist Carlos Melo, the economist Marcos Lisboa and the former Brazilian ambassador to Washington, Rubens Ricupero.

the archbishop

Archbishop Dom Walmor Oliveira de Azevedo, who presides over the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), was invited by officers from the Shock Battalion of the Military Police of Minas Gerais (PMMG), to preside over a lecture on Church and Social Movements. The meeting, held yesterday, also brought together military police officers from 21 Brazilian states. The archbishop’s lecture is part of a training course offered by the battalion, which seeks to encourage reflection on social movements in Brazilian democracy.

colonel thanks

In the lecture, Dom Walmor highlighted Pope Francis’ lessons regarding the importance of social movements. The archbishop also dedicated reflections on the social doctrine of the Church. At the end, he clarified the doubts of the participants, in a moment of dialogue and sharing. Colonel Juliano Trant, commander of the Shock Battalion, thanked the archbishop for the lecture, which was highly praised by the officers. “The speeches were very precise and stimulated reflections”, commented one of the participants.

Reelection at Amat

Cssia Marise Hatem Guimares, Cssia Marise Hatem Guimares, was reelected yesterday as president of the Mineira Association of Labor Lawyers (Amat) for the next three years (2023/2025). The entity was founded in 1970 and brings together lawyers from Minas Gerais who work in the labor and social security areas. The Fora Trabalhista slate was elected, with Cssia Marise Hatem Guimares the second woman to chair the institution, which has more than 3,000 members. Cssia Hatem is the second woman to chair Amat, which has more than 3,000 members.

prescribed fines

Members of the thematic group on the environment of the future government of the president-elect, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), were astonished at the value of the environmental fines prescribed during the administration of Jair Bolsonaro. The total amount of overdue fines that can no longer be charged could reach R$18 billion. And it could be even bigger, because the evaluations are still in the preliminary phase.

PL alone

The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Alexandre de Moraes, decided that the PL, the party of President Jair Messias Bolsonaro and led by Valdemar da Costa Neto, will have to pay alone the fine of R$ 22.9 million for having triggered the Justice for mf and ask for an extraordinary review of the result of the second round of the elections. The minister responded to the request of the PP and the Republicans, who formed the coalition that supported Bolsonaro’s candidacy for re-election. To the TSE, the parties claimed that they did not agree with the questions made by the PL about the electronic ballot boxes.

fire drip

In time about the Amat note: The elected board also comprises: vice-president, Julio Baa; second vice president, Larissa Santiago; general secretary, Conrado Di Mambro; assistant secretary, Daniela Zapata; treasurer, Rosendo de Fatima. Between advisors Gustavo Leonardo and Otavio Tostes.

One more in time: Without giving details, the Military Police of Espírito Santo reported that they arrested the man who invaded schools in Aracruz (ES). He is a teenager, a former student of one of the institutions attacked.

In time about the archbishop: In addition to president of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, Dom Walmor is metropolitan archbishop of Belo Horizonte.

Clinical studies of the first fully national vaccine against COVID-19 began yesterday at the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).

So that’s enough for today, the week is ending. I hope it doesn’t bring any surprises. THE END!

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