Sony patents non-verbal communication system

It seems that Sony is thinking about new ways of communication between gamers. A registered patent indicates the possibility of an artificial intelligence system identifying a user’s gestures, which could be sent as if they were messages to a friend.

According to the description of the technology, the system would collect stock data through the platform’s camera. With the models established, the players would receive recommendations of what to do based on that previously analyzed non-verbal communication. For example: if you point to a certain place, your friend will see it.

This technology can be a great advance for multiplayer games that use the voice system. In the case of Warzone 2.0, for example, where it is possible to communicate with opponents by proximity, the patent would allow silence in the group and, even so, everyone would be aware of the actions of each operator.

Of course, registered patents do not always mean that technologies will reach consumers. Many times, companies only insure the intellectual property so as not to fall into the hands of third parties.

What about Discord, PlayStation?

The Discord communication app will be coming to the PlayStation and, according to an insider, it will be available sometime in 2023. The partnership was announced in early 2021, but there haven’t been many details since then.

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