‘There will be no peace’ if Russia beats Ukraine in war, says NATO

Secretary General of the military alliance declared that “oppression and autocracy prevail” with defeat of the Ukrainians

The Secretary General of nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), Jens Stoltenberg, said this Friday (25.Nov.2022) that “there will be no lasting peace” if the Russia win the war against ukraine🇧🇷

He also stated the journalists that “oppression and autocracy prevail over freedom and democracy” with a defeat on the Ukrainian side🇧🇷

On the possibility of an agreement to end the conflicts, Stoltenberg declared that the negotiations depend “of what happens on the battlefield”.

“So the best way to increase the chances of a peaceful solution is to support Ukraine,” stated🇧🇷 One of the forms of support announced was the provision of more modern equipment and military training to Ukrainians.

On the gas shortage, one of the main consequences of the conflict for all of Europe, Stoltenberg said: “The war in Ukraine demonstrated our dangerous dependence on Russian gas. Therefore, we must assess our dependencies on other authoritarian regimes, including China.”🇧🇷

Still in relation to the Asian power, he declared that the country “not an opponent”but wants to delay NATO’s military modernization.

Stoltenberg announced that he will meet in the coming days with the foreign ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Moldova. According to him, countries “face Russian pressure in many different ways” and the meeting will serve to take “measures to help them protect their independence and strengthen their ability to defend themselves”🇧🇷

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