Want to make your Reels go viral? Top 3 tips for you to rock the net

New video templates were created and the topic of the moment is Reels, which are here to stay. These short videos are more and more frequent in the entertainment world and give fame to new content creators.

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The algorithm is increasingly demanding this format. Anyone can grow in this medium without the need for intensified work in editions or other technical aspects, bringing accessibility to everyone.

add hashtags

Reels, whether explanatory or entertaining, are valued from their hashtags. There are endless framing possibilities. In the same publication, more than 20 can be added, with peace of mind. Of course, the most specific ones will be the ones that will bring the most results, due to the fact that fewer people use them, and you gain prominence faster.

post frequently

The more videos, the greater the chance of them being seen. You stabilize yourself as a content creator and the Instagram will have a “notion” that you are a person who frequently contributes to the platform.

It will also ensure that, if the person likes your content, they have a loop of videos on their profile to continue consuming. This also means that you are followed with the certainty that your new videos will appear in the feed.

Use of famous songs

A very interesting feature is to filter the Reels by their song🇧🇷 Always use the ones that are on the rise, as the demand for them is greater than the others. The songs usually accompany the movements and contexts of your reels.

Animated music accompanies animated contexts and so on, dispensing with the need for the user to speak, with only normal movements and text descriptions possible.

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