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Russell Crowe’s new film poker face has just been released, and many audiences are already calling it a marked improvement over his directorial debut, The Water Soothsayer🇧🇷 This seems to be a common case among actors who start directing – and in the second feature, most have already found their own style.

And Russell Crowe is certainly not the first actor to test his talents behind the camera. It’s becoming more and more common for actors to try their hand at directing, as it’s an easy way to bring attention to a project. But a lot of actors actually have a clear talent for it, and by their second film, it’s usually clear.

Jon Favreau – Leprechaun (2003)

Will Ferrell in Elf

Most audiences know Jon Favreau from his recent acting work in the MCU, but he’s actually the name behind some of the most popular movies and TV shows in recent memory. He has recently worked on projects such as The Mandalorian and The Lion Kingbut his most popular work remains the festive classic Elf🇧🇷

When it comes to Christmas movies, it’s hard to think of a more beloved and popular example than Elf🇧🇷 The film has become a staple of the season, with many families returning to the timeless story year after year – which is a great testament to Favreau’s incredibly engaging directing style.

George Clooney – Good Night and Good Luck (2005)

A photo of George Clooney and another actor in Good Night, And Good Luck

Sadly, George Clooney has developed a reputation as one of the most boring directors working today, but those who criticize his talent are clearly not familiar with the director’s early work. Good night and good luck tells the gripping true story of a journalist’s attempts to overthrow Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s, and is directed with a clear confidence and sass that really makes the story feel powerful.

Clooney’s directing efforts may not have reached these heights since 2005, but there’s no denying that he displays clear talent behind the camera in this film. From the sharp, monochrome cinematography to the gripping storytelling, the film is a brilliant addition to the investigative thriller genre.

Angelina Jolie – Unbroken (2014)

Uninterrupted by Angelina Jolie

uninterrupted tells the true story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner whose life and career were cut short when he was taken prisoner by the Japanese military during World War II. It’s an inspiring story of determination and mental toughness that Jolie truly elevates with her gripping, emotional cinema.

It’s not often that an actress like Angelina Jolie can transition so effectively into directing, but uninterrupted it genuinely feels like the work of a seasoned veteran. The story flows at a natural pace, and the visual style really helps convey the important messages of Zamperini’s journey.

Jordan Peele – Us (2019)

Evan Alex, Lupita Nyong'o and Shahadi Wright Joseph in Us

Jordan Peele is one of the rare examples of an actor transitioning into directing so effectively that his acting career is now just an afterthought. He’s only directed three movies so far, but they’ve all been huge hits – commercially and critically.

While Go out incorporated elements of horror into its gripping narrative, We it was Peele’s first attempt at a full-on horror film. The film has several moments of genuine horror and panic that really established Peele as one of the best horror directors working today.

Rob Reiner – The Right Thing (1985)

John Cusack in The Right Thing

The right thing it may not be Rob Reiner’s best work, but it is without a doubt one of his most entertaining and engaging. It’s a classic ’80s rom-com that capitalizes on the undisputed chemistry of lead stars John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga to really shine.

Reiner’s talents aren’t fully developed here, but they’re still there. He’s great at knowing when to keep a scene going and when to take pictures, which gives The right thing a really effective boost from start to finish. It’s such an easy watch, which is everything you’d really need from a vacation rom-com.

Sofia Coppola – Lost in Translation (2003)

Scarlet Johansson rests her head on Bill Murray's shoulder from Lost in Translation

Sofia Coppola got her start in the film industry starring as Mary Corleone in The Godfather: Part 3, but his greatest achievements were made behind the camera. She began her directing career with the suicide virginsbefore surprising viewers with its painfully raw drama lost in translation🇧🇷

The film stars Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson as two lost souls who find comfort in each other’s company when they find themselves stranded in Japan. It’s a moving meditation on independence and love, which immediately cemented Coppola as one of the rare genuine talents with famous parents.

Ben Affleck – The City (2010)

Ben Affleck talks with Jeremy Renner on a terrace at The Town

After spending the ’90s as one of the industry’s most popular actors, Ben Affleck decided to give directing a try – and it was one of the best decisions he ever made. His background in the film industry has given him a solid understanding of how to make a movie exciting, and he has applied all of that knowledge to The city🇧🇷

There is not a single dull moment in The city, which tells the story of a group of robbers whose planned exit from the trade is cut short when an FBI agent becomes involved in their operation. It’s completely unpredictable from start to finish, with Affleck’s direction ensuring the audience never quite knows what’s going to happen next.

Jodie Foster – Home for the Holidays (1995)

Dylan McDermott and RDJ in Home For The Holidays

Most people know Jodie Foster because of her work as a child actress in movies like Cabby and the original Freaky Fridaybut Foster soon applied everything she learned as an actress to a series of well-received directorial efforts.

home for the holidays is probably Foster’s most popular and well-known film to date, starring Holly Hunter as a woman whose life begins to fall apart just before she visits her family home for the holidays. It’s a sweet and charming story, displaying an acute restraint behind the camera that allows the story to really thrive on its own uniqueness.

John Krasinski – The Hollars (2016)

Margo Martindale in The Hollars

The officeJim Halpert will always be John Krasinski’s most popular character, but the actor has started to make a name for himself as a director in recent years. Most people know about his involvement in a quiet placebut before that, he actually did some heartfelt family dramas like The Hollars🇧🇷

The Hollars it’s a fairly simple and predictable film, but Krasinski elevates the story with his charming filmmaking and impressive ability to weave stories together, allowing him to create a complex web of family drama and emotional character work.

Greta Gerwig – Lady Bird (2017)

Christine and Julie returning from school in Lady Bird

It’s not often that a director’s second project gets a Best Picture Oscar nomination, but that’s exactly what Greta Gerwig got with it. Lady Birdone of the most popular and beloved teen dramas of the last decade.

Saoirse Ronan directs the story with her most relatable and compassionate performance yet, navigating the character of Lady Bird in a way that almost any audience will be able to see themselves. Gerwig’s direction is impeccable, cementing Lady Bird as an instant classic of the genre.

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