10 films with a REFLECTIVE look at sociology

One of the most profound reflections that can exist in an audiovisual work is about the question of sociology, that social science that studies human behavior and social relations. With that in mind, we seek suggestions for those who enjoy the subject, in the list below some very interesting productions with a reflective look at sociology:


In the plot, we follow all the drama and suffering of Kolia (Aleksey Serebryakov), a mechanic who lives humbly with his current wife Lilya (Elena Lyadova) and his son from his first marriage. Kolia fights in court so that the mayor of the city where he lives does not demolish his house, but this will cause him to suffer consequences, even with the help of his friend Dmitri (Vladimir Vdovichenkov), a lawyer from Moscow. In addition to this uncomfortable situation, the protagonist will face a family drama that is difficult to heal.

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Hector and the Pursuit of Happiness

In the plot, we are introduced to Hector (Simon Pegg), a psychiatrist who lives a monotonous life with his girlfriend Clara (Rosemund Pike🇧🇷 After a session with a very strange patient, the protagonist awakens to his feelings and emotions, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, in search of happiness. Beautiful images parade through the film, we feel very close to the characters, such truth that feelings in each gesture, each word we see come out of the attitudes and thoughts of the characters.


In the plot, we meet Lisa Cohen (played very well by Oscar winner Anna Paquin) a young woman with serious communication problems with her mother who ends up witnessing a fatal bus accident one day. After that day, the exchange for guilt is the new path that the young woman goes through, for this, we gradually meet new faces that help the teenager to define the size of her guilt in this accident.

Fruitvale Station: The Last Stop

The winner of the important Un Certain Regard award, at the Cannes Film Festival, tells the story of Oscar, a 22-year-old boy who seeks redemption in his life. Fired from his honest job, he seeks strength in his loving family to not return to the world of drugs. Even with the sad past knocking on his door many times, Oscar has a giant desire to be a better father and a better partner for his girlfriend. On December 31, 2008, he and his family will be the protagonists of one of the most shocking, dramatic and absurd scenes in American police history.

A Little Big Plan

The fate of the planet is in the hands of the new generations. In its short 66 minutes of projection, A Little Big Plan, a French feature film selected for the 2022 Varilux French Film Festival, is a pearl that opens up a range of reflections ranging from humanitarian issues, how we can contribute to our planet, to geopolitics and putting a marriage in conflict. Directed by Louis Garrel (who is also part of the cast), the film makes us think about issues that are before our eyes on a daily basis.

Flee – No Place to Call Home

Friendship as an aid in healing past wounds. Based on real events, a story very close to the director of this project, the Danish filmmaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen, manages to be very creative using the animation technique to create a respectful and creative environment for a man ready to tell his story, the one who wrote his truths in an old notebook until now, on the eve of getting married he needs to face his past. Through memories and even something similar to relaxation, almost at the point of hypnosis, we go back to 1984 in Kabul (Afghanistan), where an avalanche of dramatic situations began in the protagonist’s life. Discovery of your sexuality, civil wars, countries coming out of communism, escapes and more escapes. We are witnesses to an incredible story that touches on many global issues. Flee was the opening film of the 2021 É Tudo Verdade Festival.

Heaven must be here

The meaning of a film seen between the lines. Static cameras in moving places, a silent observer who witnesses the simple things and new trends in the world regarding social behavior, prejudice, politics, immigration and other subjects. Fruit of the visionary mind of the Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman (from the excellent What’s Left of Time), where he plays the role of protagonist observer, Heaven must be here explains feelings for everyday images and situations with tasty pinches of comedy in many cases. It’s a saga of a silent protagonist and his perceptions of the world trying to understand and find a place to rest.

The Good Boss

The juggling of supposed balance. Winner of the Goya Award for Best Film in 2022 (a kind of Oscar in Spain), El Buen Patrón talks about the relationship between bosses and employees that here, almost didactically, ends up taking us in the direction of reality, in this always conflicting relationship. Here the point of view is that of the boss, a manipulator of actions and situations who ends up falling into truths of the world, often being the villain of his own trajectory. There are other implicit villains, capitalism for example and its ways of corroding. Directed and written by the filmmaker Fernando Leon de Aranoa the project is sarcastic in the right measure, which culminates in hilarious moments but without failing to generate reflection. The film marks one of the great recent performances in the excellent actor’s career. Javier Bardem🇧🇷

Chamber of Mirrors

With passages through some film festivals in Brazil, the interesting documentary Chamber of Mirrorsdirected by the filmmaker from Recife Dea Ferraz it brings to light, with a keyhole-style environment, the male thinking about women. With an established free will, thoughts come and go in what we can say is a great social experience that makes us better understand how the world is thinking. It’s a shock, a debate, about the male view in relation to taboo subjects in our society, such as the advancement of the feminist movement, sexism and the way in which certain rights are fought for.

At the Top of Power

In the plot, we follow the arrival of Laing (Tom Hiddleston), a lonely, middle-class man who moves into a new skyscraper that has many quirks. Gradually we realize, together with the main character, that the floors are divided into social classes, in addition to the building having a ‘life of its own’, there is a kind of shopping mall, there is a school, a supermarket, which makes its residents lose almost that for total the notion of the world outside of there. Gradually, like most of the revolutions the world has seen in its history, in high rise there is a rebellion of the residents of the floors below with those who live and flaunt in their penthouses.

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