5 unforgettable songs from Disney Channel movies

Throughout its history, Disney Channel has been responsible for releasing countless successful original films, where many of them were in the musical format. Some productions managed to captivate the public both for their story and for their music, which ended up marking an entire generation.

With that in mind, Recreio brought 5 original Disney Channel songs that became a trademark of some films, and that are still remembered today.

1. Breaking Free (High School Musical)

One of the most successful Disney Channel movies is “High School Musical” — and one of the factors responsible for the feature being so popular among young people is its songs. The track “Breaking Free”, for example, is one of the most remembered among fans, being one of the last tracks from the first film.

The song performed by Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) was the one that showed everyone at East High that they were together, as well as introducing the couple’s passion for music and showing that they were willing to give it their all to participate in the spring musical.

2. This is me (Camp Rock)

“Camp Rock” starred the Jonas Brothers, and was the film that revealed Demi Lovato🇧🇷 The story takes place at a camp for young people who are interested in music and dance, and seek to improve their skills during the summer vacation.

Throughout the plot, Shane (J.hey jonas) was looking for a voice that he hears at the beginning of the film. He only discovers that Mitchie (Lovato) was the one he was looking for at the final show of the camp, where they sing “This is Me”. The music became the hallmark of the feature.

3. Cheetah Friends (Cheetahs Girl 2)

Three years after Cheetah Girls debuted, Disney decided to release a sequel. This time, the musical group formed by four friends embarks on an adventure in Spain and participates in a music festival.

The song “Amigas Cheetahs” is the one that closes the film with a golden key, and features the singer Belinda Peregrin🇧🇷 According to Billboard, the song reached the top 10 of the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles.

4. What Dreams Are Made Of (Lizzie Mcguire — A Popstar Dream)

The film “Lizzie Mcguire – A Dream Popstar” is a continuation of the first season of the series “Lizzie McGuire”, which was also on the Disney Channel, and starring Hilary Duff🇧🇷

In the feature, we follow Lizzy and her friends on a school trip to Italy. There, she ends up being mistaken for a local pop singer and decides to take advantage of the situation and enjoy the life of a pop star. After many plot twists, she ends up performing at a concert in front of thousands of people, and she sings “What Dream Are Made Of”.

5. Push It To The Limit (Jump In!)

“Jump In!” was launched in 2007, and has Corbin Bleu in the main role of the story. The plot accompanies Izzy Daniels, a young boxer on the rise who wants to follow in the same footsteps as his father. However, when he is invited to participate in a jump rope competition, he realizes that he has other interests besides boxing.

The song “Push It To The Limit” was recorded by bleuand it’s the background music of the climax of the film: when Izzy and her team are in the final stage of the competition, with a great chance of being champions.

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