Fans from Argentina and Mexico fight during a game in Qatar; watch

Fans had already clashed on Friday in the streets of Doha; in view of the events, Fifa asked for reinforcement in security for the departure of Group C

Playback/Twitter/@LaCronicaDeHoyargentina and mexico fighting (2)
Fans of Argentina and Mexico star in the scene of violence in the Group C game

fans of Argentina It’s from Mexico have been protagonists of scenes of violence during the World Cup 2022🇧🇷 After facing each other in the streets of the country on Friday, 25, before the game between the two teams, they returned to fight this Saturday while the game of the second phase of Group C took place. catarino reinforced security on the grounds of the “high risk” of confrontation between the fans. In videos published on social networks, it is possible to see when Argentines and Mexicans began to slap each other inside the Lusail stadium, where the match between Argentina and Mexico took place. While some faced each other, others tried to break up the fights. This was not the first record, on Friday, they exchanged punches and kicks in the streets of dohacapital of Middle East, and several people were injured. On a social network, Argentine producer Omar Ninõ criticized the lack of authorities, ambulance and support on site. Despite the tense atmosphere between the two fans, on the field Argentina and Mexico faced each other in a lukewarm game, in which each of the teams was dominated for a while, however, who got the better of it was Argentina, who managed to score twice and save themselves from an early elimination in the Cup, something that hadn’t happened since 2002.

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