Fluminense announces renewal with coach Fernando Diniz

Re-elected president of Fluminense in an election held today (26), Mário Bittencourt announced the renewal of his contract with coach Fernando Diniz. The confirmation was made shortly after the announcement of the results of the polls.

As soon as the representative spoke about the coach’s stay, in a first speech after the triumph, the fans present at Laranjeiras sang the commander’s name. The new bond will be valid until 2024.

The talks were already under way, but the parties were waiting for the result of the election.

“We had already defined with Fernando the duration of the contract, two years, 2023 and 2024. We had more than words, we had already made the proposal in writing and we had his acceptance. Over these days, negotiations, legal issues and more techniques. And what he asked me was that we wait for the election, because I think it was no secret for anyone that he wanted to continue working with our board, with whom he bet on him again in 2022”, he said, in a press conference .

“Our agreement was that, after the election, if we were victorious, we could announce his contract renewal. So, first hand, I say that he is renewed until December 2024. He will be the coach for the next two years so that we can continue playing this wonderful football that we played in 2022, of great quality, which enchanted the fans. And now, go up another step”.

The representative said that Diniz will have a meeting with the summit in the next few days to take new steps in planning for next season.

“Regarding the next steps, firstly, we have worked very hard over the last few days so that we can keep a large part of our team. And we have already been successful in practically 100% of what we tried. We are meeting now on Thursday. Fernando will spend Thursday and Friday in Rio. He is in São Paulo with his family, because he was waiting for the election result. On Monday we will start designing the planning for 2023, Fernando is coming to the Rio de already stays with us for us to start talking about the search for reinforcements”, he pointed out.

In a recent interview with UOL Esporte, Bittencourt had already spoken about the project he presented to Diniz.

“I already sent a proposal [antes do jogo contra o Atlético-MG]🇧🇷 We don’t project the club for next year thinking about the election. Cano and Ganso’s contracts, for example, run until the end of 2023. We are already designing a plan because the club has to be bigger than all of us. We are sitting in the chair to plan next year. I can’t wait for the election. If we’re not here and the other person wants to undo what we’ve done, that’s fine,” he said at the time.

“The idea is that we can implement his working method from the base divisions, even from a global point of view, not just in terms of game philosophy. He has already been talked to, and he agrees to help us with this structuring. advanced in conversations about how the model would be”, he added.

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