Gilberto Gil is detonated by fans of Brazil in game

Brazil’s debut in the 2022 World Cup against Serbia last Thursday, November 27, was of extreme joy for most Brazilians, who were finally thrilled to finally see our country debuting in the world championship.

Still, Gilberto Gil ended up living an intense and complicated day, as he ended up being attacked by some Bolsonarist fans while at the Lusail Iconic stadium, where the Brazilian team’s game took place, as reported by videos on social networks.

Beside Flora Gil, the singer was entering the place when some fans fired in an ironic tone: “Let’s go, Bolsonaro. Come on, Lei Rouanet”. They then called the artist to go to the chairs, but he ignored the provocation and took a picture with a fan.

Bolsonaristas then continued teasing: “Come, come. You helped Brazil to c… Let’s go. Go there. Thanks, Rouanet Law. Thanks, son of a bitch…”. The video ended up going viral on social media, and many Internet users and celebrities came to Gilberto Gil’s defense.

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This Sunday, November 27, Gilberto Gil spoke about what happened after the video went viral, thanking all the support he received from followers and friends, considering the attacks “a stupid thing” and that Bolsonaristas are “non-conformists wanting to keep this thing of hate”.

“Our thanks, mine, from Flora, for this solidarity, this solidarity chain, in the face of this aggression, this stupid thing. It’s actually the third round, right, the non-conformists wanting to keep this thing of hate, aggressiveness, and tomorrow Brazil again”, she declared.

“Once again our thanks, from me and Flora, to all of you who showed solidarity with us in this episode which, in fact, is more of this sequence of hate, than this thing they like to do. Thank you very much to all of you and good game for Brazil tomorrow”, said Gilberto Gil.

Black Gil came out in defense of his father: “What happened to my father and Flora on the day of the Brazil game in Qatar where they were verbally attacked by a violent Bolsonarist is frightening. My father and I think alike about living with the different, we are used to it, and more than that we try to live in a very civilized way without feeling threatened and not even threatening! We often occupy the same spaces as them”.

“Me, my father or Flora would never, under any circumstances, attack or curse a Bolsonarist for free. I really think that not all Bolsonaro voters are the scum of humanity, but this one unfortunately is, and what he did to my father was so aggressive, so disgusting, so violent, that we should be revolted! Bolsonarism kills and injures, this has to end!” concluded Preta Gil.

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