Glenda Kozlowski: Imagining the Brazilian team without Neymar is a hard blow

how good it is to breathe world Cup🇧🇷 For 28 days we are monothematics and woe betide anyone who dares to start another prose. O football it’s the subject at school, at home, at work… Winning the company lottery becomes the professional objective. “Who did you bet on in the Tunisia game?”, is a normal question in the conversation about the World Cup. We became all understood. PhD’s in Lewandowski with a doctorate in Mbappe🇧🇷

in game of Brazil, we wear green and yellow and reach the side that fits one more on the couch! Reunited family. Call friends. Not even a hidden friend of Christmas brings together as much as Copa. A bugle from there, another bugle from there. Suddenly, we look to the side and several Tites appear with their infallible tactics to overcome the opponents. You have to put so-and-so, take out beltrano… Whew, we won at the premiere. 2 to 0. Thank you, richarlison🇧🇷

But we took a hard hit! Imagine the selection without Neymar🇧🇷 We are so passionate that we will not accept the result of an MRI, nor exams, nor science so easily! We want Neymar back! Faith is greater than logic! It works out, right?

Neymar is injured and is out of the next game of selection.
Neymar is injured and is out of the next game of selection.
Photograph: Tolga Bozoglu/ EFE

Only the World Cup makes us sympathize with countries that we know only through conquests on War boards. We simply, out of nowhere, attach ourselves to any purpose to root for a certain country. In the biblical clash between David and Goliath, we tend to vibrate with the “Davis”. And they appear epic before the eyes of the entire planet. The so-called zebras become epic tales, worthy of title celebration.

The Cup makes us wake up before 7 am, in a good mood, to see Saudi Arabia make history over Argentina, with Lionel Messi and Co. Incidentally, it is this subtle touch of unpredictability that makes the Worlds something mystical and passionate. It is in this scenario that the 10 Arab – Al Dawsari – gains the super powers of the 10 rival. You have to agree: Messi would certainly score that goal. Yeah… Saudi Arabia, most likely, won’t win the World Cup, Al Dawsari is unlikely to take the golden ball home, but he was the one who declared a national holiday in his home country.

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Cup is like that. It makes no sense to believe the obvious. The Japanese audacity in the face of German favoritism even makes a rout of Spain over Costa Rica seem crazy. In a World Cup game, we contradict Djavan’s poetry. Denmark, Tunisia, Mexico, Poland, Morocco and Croatia insisted on 0-0, but I didn’t even want 1-1 either. I wanted goals. Many goals. Congregation. Nations embracing nations in the universal language of the goal. That’s the World Cup.

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